10 Amazing Google Actions You Never Knew Before!!

Google, one of the best search engine until 2019 has so many features we have been using since years but there are so many other features as well we are being unknown about. The most used and famous featured applications till the dates are Google drive, Google photos, Google maps, Google search, Google Play, Google+, Google photos and many more. These creative applications help us to accomplish many things in such an easy way but there are many more to do as well, so here today we are going to know about those amazing Google actions and its introductions as follows.

Google Keep

Google keep is the Note-taking service provided by Google. You can add its chrome extension as well to keep your notes and documents online. It has so many attractive features to make you amazed. Google keep offline is only available in offline while using Chromebook and in Android. Unfortunately, it is not available in Windows and macOS. It is available on Google Play and ‘Play Store’ if you want to download it to your device. When offline you can view, edit the notes which were added while Chromebook was connected to the internet. You can even add new notes on Google Keep.
If you are using the public computer then you can even turn on guest mode, which will help you by not storing your notes and show to others who use it. It can be updated while it is connected to the internet.

Google Keep for Notes

Google Clock Help

Google online Timer is a virtual clock on a landing page which counts number from a certain number to your desired number as a time or as a timer clock.
Here are mentioned some things and actions which you can do with this virtual Clock. You can use it online and even download it from Google Play if you want.

  • Set, cancel and snooze alarms,
  • Change alarm sounds,
  • Set time, time zone and date,
  • Use as a timer
  • Use and a stopwatch
  • Add clocks for different cities,
  • Put the clock on a home screen.
  • Change clocks display
Click on start to timer by clicking on Start.

Google Sky

Google Sky is a astronomical map application which shows the objects like galaxies, stars, planets and earth’s moon. To do this you can download the app from Google Play. To search for these objects and location in the sky with the help of may you will have to search for some examples as follows.

  • NGC 2437
  • Orion
  • Crab Nebula
  • 5:34:32.01, 32:00:45.96
Moon’s Picture with 3D Quality

In the picture you can see the picture of Moon in 3D. Which is available in new latest version of Google Earth 5.0. which is one of the part of Google Sky. You can discover many more intresting things in Google Sky once you discover it by your self.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free web search engine and interestingly it is accessible freely. Google scholar includes most peer-reviewed online academic books, journal, conference papers. It even includes court reports and technical reports. Normally Google doesn’t estimate the total size of its database but previuosly its was estimated 160 Million documents and including articles it holds about 389 million which is making it the world largest academic search engine( as per May 2014 report).

Google Scholar home page

In your Google Scholar profile, you can save and update your library with new and creative articles and documents as you want and even delete it whenever and from wherever you are.

Google Input Tools

Google input tool help you to type in your language or in other words it allows you to type in the language of your choice. You actually can switch between two or more languages as per your requirement. Google input can be used after adding the extension and you can even download the application from the Google play. The input tool extension provides virtual keyboards for over 90 languages or direct translators for over 30 different scripts and handwriting input for over 40 languages.

Choose the languages as per requirement

Google Art & Culture

Google Art and Culture is an online digital platform from which people can access the high-resolutioned images and information in the initiative’s partners museums. This project was firstly launched on 1 February 2011 by Google.
This application especially helps users by enabling virtually tour partner museum’s galleries to explore physical information about the artworks and histories. With the help of Google account, you can explore this amazing application of Google.

In this, you can know about every information about the art, the artist, date of that art and its related history. For example, you can find the picture below mentioning it was posted by Jacques Louis David from the 19th Century. You must explore by yourself once to know more about it. You can even check out the arts by its category available on the left-hand side menu button having the title ‘Google Arts & Culture‘.

Checkout the artworks from Google Arts & Google

Google Fonts

Google fonts were originally developed as ‘Google web fonts’. It has over 915 libre ( Free Software) licenses fonts. It was launched in 2010. Most of Google fonts are released under SIL Open Font License and while others are under Apache License. The users of this application are mainly using for artistic because it has so many creative fonts which can be used for websites, photoshop users and different creative articles. Many users use this application because it is interesting, creative and free to use and has an unlimited capacity to use as well. This application can be downloaded with Google Play.

Different Creative Fonts

Google Handwriting Input

This app is compatible with all kind of devices which allows you to handwrite text and emojis on your phone and tablet. You can choose your flexible language from here. There are 100 languages in this application till 2019. It is also supported by more than a thousand emojis to express yourself more interestingly in any Android app. You can add your handwriting in every app you use in your device whether it is chat box or email or notes. Google handwriting input tool can be downloaded from the Google Play

Add your handwriting anywhere you want

Google Animal Sounds

It is one of the best action of Google. It is so much interesting and creative. It has so many sounds which help users to relax by being in one place. You can choose sounds as per your choice among many of them available in the application. For example, if you want to hear a sound of rain with thunderstorms then you can choose the category ‘weather’ and play by selecting. The audio clips are available on different sizes long and short you can even share those audio clips by the link available there.

Choose sounds nature from the category

Google Photo Sphere Camera

Google Photo Sphere is an application developed by Google. it is a 360-degree Panorama feature. It was originally added this application in Android Nexus 4. It didn’t stay long in Nexus. LG had its own version called VR Panorama and Google has released its own camera app which includes Photo Sphere functionally. In August 2014 Google released a Photo Sphere app for iOS. This application is functioned with Google Maps. It helps you to take immersive pictures with your phone.

Google PhotoSphere is available on Google Play

Google is the most used and searched engine until 2019, we search for many more things on Google every day but we were being unknown about above-mentioned applications before which is very attractive and useful. Google actions can help you to make your life much interesting and easier with featured applications like mentioned above.