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Windows 10 has some fantastic features which we may not know in our day to day lives. We surely do use our PC having Windows 10 in our everyday life, but there are so much of Windows 10 features yet to be discovered by us. In this article, we have 10 fantastic tips and tricks for Windows 10 which will help you get more out of your PC.

Microsoft’s Windows OS is definitely not any one thing; it arises from a patchwork of finely tuned features which is the result of a team of dedicated engineers who create the best which are often customizable experience possible for us. So, with such a complex piece of software that Windows Os is, it makes sense and needless to say that there are little tricks and UI(User Interface)  flourishes most people don’t even know about. So, let’s dig in deeper into the features of Windows 10 and reveal the hidden features of Windows 10. These ten amazing tips and tricks would help you to discover those features so that you can get the best out of your PC and witness what best Windows 10 can offer.

10 Amazing Tips and Tricks of Windows 10

1) Secret Start Menu

If you like the old version of Windows start menu where there used to be a textual representation of the menu at that start, you can still get that secret start menu in Windows 10 as well. Follow the precise steps that we have mentioned below:

  • Go to the Start button on your PC.
  • Right click on the Start menu.
  • Now, you will see a textual representation on the menu as in older versions of Windows. You will see the familiar options such as App and Features, File Explorer, Task Manager and many more.

2) Shake Feature

The debut of this feature was in Windows 7, but it is found that a lot of people don’t know about it or use it but they should—actually it is really cool. If you have a display of your PC full of windows and you have many windows open at a time. At a time, you only want to open one window. You can do so simply by using the shake feature. Grab the top of the window you like to keep open and “shake” it to minimize all the other windows. Doing so will minimize all the other windows. Suddenly you want all those windows back? Shake again, and the minimized windows will come back.

3) Enable Slide to Shutdown

As far as I know, this feature works only with Windows 10. It’s complicated, and probably it may not be worth the effort for what you get out of it, but anyway, this is how you can achieve it: Right-click on the desktop of your PC >> New >> Shortcut. In the window that pops-up, you need to paste the following line of code:


This will create a clickable icon on the desktop, which can be renamed if you want. To shut down via slide-d, double-click on the new icon to prompt a pull-down shade. Then you have to use your mouse to drag it down to the bottom of the screen. You should keep in mind that this is shut down, not sleep.

4) Enable ‘God Mode’

Are you the power user who wants access to your PC’s everything? There is a feature made in Windows 10 for you, yes it is “God mode.” You can enter the god mode by following these steps: Right-click on the desktop >> New > >Folder. Rename the new folder with this bit of code as follows:


To enter into the “God Mode” window, you need to double-click the folder and do what you want to do as specified in the option.

5) Hidden Games in Cortana

They are not the hardcore games and not as fun as the mainstream games, but Cortana has some amazing time killing games. For example, you can say “Rock paper scissors ” to Cortana or “Roll the dice”  or “Flip the coin” for a fun time killing and good graphics gaming experience. You can play such fun games using Cortana. Go ahead and ask Cortana which is at the bottom left side of your screen.

6) Quickly Jump Between Virtual Desktops

Do you like to do many tasks at the same time on your PC? – You can actually do more than one task at a time on a different desktop. With Windows 10, Microsoft has finally provided out-of-the-box access to virtual desktops.

To try this out, there is an icon to the right of the Windows menu called Task View, click on it.  All your open windows and apps will be separated into icons. There is a “+” icon which says New Desktop. Drag any of the open windows to the New Desktop or click on it to create a new desktop. This would help you to, say, separate your work apps, personal apps, and social media into different desktops.

Once you click out of Task View, press the Windows button+Ctrl+right/left arrows to toggle between the virtual desktops. This will automatically switch between all your open windows which you’ve separated into different desktops while leaving all the icons on your desktop unmoved.

To remove the virtual desktops, you just have to go back into task view and delete the individual virtual desktops—this will not close out the apps contained within that desktop, but instead just send them to the next lower desktop.

7) Make Your Command Prompt Window Transparent

This feature is new to Windows 10 as the previous version of Windows had no such options. It’s evident that it will be useful to a small group of the users only, but if you are one of them and you like to dig your virtual fingers into the innards of Windows via the Command Prompt, Windows 10 provides us a ghostly way to interface with it.

In Windows 10 to access the Command Prompt Window, you can click on the Windows menu and type “Command Prompt” to bring up quick access to its desktop app. As the Command prompt option pops up click on that. To make your command prompt window transparent, right-click at the top of the window to prompt a pop-up menu and then choose “Properties.” >> Then click over to the “Colors” tab to see a range of personalization options >> And at the bottom of this tab, you’ll find the “Opacity” slider, which allows you to see through the Command Prompt window.

With this feature, you can code away in the Command Prompt while simultaneously observing the desktop. Now, you can enjoy the transparency of the command prompt window.

Make Your Command Prompt Window Transparent

8) Stop Typing, Start Dictating

It is known that speech recognition has always been a strong suit for Microsoft, but in the latest Windows 10 release, it’s almost a second nature. You can dictate, and Cortana would listen to you and write down your dictation. To enable speech services and typing suggestions you should go to  Settings >> go to Time & Language >> Speech > >Related settings and click “Speech, inking and typing privacy settings.”

Once you have finished that setup, you can use the Windows Key-H hotkey combination in any text field. Once you press Windows + H  Cortana box will pop up which records your voice through the Windows machine’s microphone and dictates the speech in the text field. Everything is not automatic; you’ll still need to type manual punctuation but save yourself some typing by dictating emails, messages, and more.

9) Hidden Game Bar

By pressing Windows key + G command, you can pull up the new-and-improved Game Bar. Using this key will let you switch your Windows PC into gaming mode which pools system resources to the game and turns off notifications and lets you record and broadcast your gaming, along with added panels for controlling your audio. You can even search for the Game Bar in the Start menu to configure custom keyboard shortcuts for turning your microphone, screen capture, recording timer, and more on and off while gaming. Thus, you can have the best gaming experience.

 10) Cloud Clipboard

The Windows clipboard has been around for a long time now, and we have not seen much improvement until now. The updates of Windows 10 October 2018 has introduced several impressive features regarding the clipboard. Once you have the update, follow the following steps: Open Settings >> System >> Clipboard. Multiple items can be saved to the clipboard by turning on the switch for Clipboard History.
Therefore, these are the ten fantastic ways to use the hidden features of Windows 10 that most of us do not know. There are plenty of other tips and tricks but the ones discussed in this article are one of those important ones.
I hope you find this article helpful. Comment down your view and queries if any, our team would be happy to assist you.