5 Best Snapchat like Apps

Snapchat is trending, specially among the younger generations, this does not mean that the older generations are pulled back from using this App. Snapchat has been there at times you want to click sweet, happy and joyful pictures, also it lets you instantly forward the snaps to your contacts. When you talk about main focus regarding the App developers and most of the companies, it is the young generations.So, Snapchat has successfully attracted these generations towards them, seeing this other competitive companies have tried to copied one or the other features of this App.

Sometimes copying trends to become as famous as the individual feature might work, but sometimes it might just let you down, not giving you the desired outcome. If you are here reading this article then you clearly are fond of Snapchat and want to know what best substitutes its features because you like what Snapchat has to offer for you.

Whatever reason has made you want to substitute your eagerness for Snapchat, there are some similar options available that might fit your need. Comparing between some similar features offered by different Apps we have completed this list. The following lists have similar features to that of Snapchat, focusing on main two trending features like, AR (augmented reality) and the expiring contents ( temporary messaging and temporary content sharing). Look out for these 5 best Apps like Snapchat.


How can we talk about Social Media and not keep Facebook on top of any list, Facebook has made such a addictive user interface that anyone who decides to socialize here rarely choose to stop doing so. While Facebook shortly became the most trending and preferred Social site after its launch, it is now some what similar to features that are provided by Snapchat. It has Stories feature, this feature works a lot like what Snapchat had to offer to us, you can post a short video or just post a photo. Your friends will be able to see them for the next 24 hours after uploaded or you can share it with a particular individuals. If you like the feature and do not want to create one more social account, then Facebook has all the latest features covered up for you. It is also easy to use like Snapchat.


We cannot be missing out on Instagram also, being somewhat like Snapchat with camera first feature. This is the app that can get closet to the features with Snapchat. It lets you send contents to other individuals that will expire at certain time limit. You can also upload contents on Instagram that will be deleted after 24 hours from its upload. But it has something more in offer, the live video support. This works a lot like Facebook stories, still Instagram gives more user satisfaction when compared to that of Facebook. If you ask anyone for a fancy and interesting App to be suggested Instagram might be what you will hear from most, this is what we will firstly suggest you to give a try for yourself and find out what we are talking about.

3.Face Swap

Snapchat gives you the option to edit pictures. The AR (augmented reality) part of Snapchat is closely covered by Face Swap. It lets you click a photo of yourself and if you are not happy with what your face looks like you can transplant anything onto your face or transplant your face onto anything. Yes you read that right! You can put your face up in the Statue Of Liberty, the app will also match the texture of statue. You can now enjoy your boring time swapping faces with famous celebrities and get their desirable bodies or make fun of any friends by transplanting their faces onto something stupid that comes to your mind! This is not all that fun we know but this will help you kill time when you have nothing else to do. This is also another app featured like Snapchat.

4.Google Allo

This is Google’s latest contribution or creation, call it whatever, specially made for its users that are looking for Apps that are similar to Snapchat. Also this time Google has got you covered, for those who do not like to let anyone have a share of their chats, this App provides Incognito mode that will keep your chats private. It will also create self destructing messages like Snapchat that will help you get away with anything you have sent! Well not exactly, but still your sent messages will not be saved for any future re-visits. But as it is from Google, so the standards have been maintained, the messaging part of the App is far more polished as compared to other Service providers. We can say that it is way similar to what WhatsApp offers us but with features of Snapchat. This App does not have the AR function or camera options though.


You might be a little doubtful when we say that Skype is also alike Snapchat, Right? We can understand your thoughts. While most younger generations still see Skype as only a video calling App that gives the best quality while making international or domestic calls, Skype is now quickly rising to the new standards set up by Apps like Snapchat. A recent update made on Skype on 2017, called ‘Highlights’, is what you call as Snapchat Stories. Only the difference being, whatever you upload here will stay till 7 days and then only disappear. Other than that Skype is still the same, as known before to us, that is to do video chat, text chat, voice chats and you can add on what you want to do with the features provided. Still Microsoft is opting for newer updates for Skype, they are recently working on improving these new features and UI.

If you think we have missed out on any other Apps that best deliver features similar to Snapchat, comment below and let us know. We always have place for your suggestions.