Back Up Data From Android Phones (How To)

Mobile phones are not just used for making and receiving call these days. The smart phones have now started doing the job of laptops and PCs too as they carry valuable information such as emails, contacts, pictures, videos, documents etc. What if you drop your phone in the street and your phone gets destroyed along with your data? People are heavily depended on their smart phone these days as it contains valuable data and information. Loosing those data can have a huge effect on their day to day life and their career. You must have heard the saying “Precaution is better than cure“. Now is when we apply it. Here are some ways you can ensure that all your valuable information on your phone are backed up.

Google Drive Storage:

Google is more than willing to help you to keep all your data safe. You can use this service from google only if you allow it to do so.Here are some simple steps to follow if you wish to keep your data safe using google’s help. Google Drive has been one of the best option for many individuals and other business enterprise to store their datas.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Backup & Reset
  3. Select both backup data and Automatic restore
  4. Click backup account and connect it to an existing or new google account.

Back Up Your Android Phone Data on PC / Computer

Transferring your valuable data such as photos, videos, music to PC is the most easiest way to keep them safe. Its not the best solution but definitely the quickest and easiest one.This DIY method can be done using the following steps.

  1. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. A pop up will appear on your desktop screen saying your phone has been connected (if the pop up does not appear pull down the notification bar of your phone  then click on the notification that says something like charging this device via USB, tap for more options, and select File transfer.)
  3. Click on the pop up or you can open windows explorer and then go to phone’s folder.
  4. Here you can see all the folders including photos, videos, music and documents.
  5. Go into each folder and then copy-paste the items you wish to save it on your computer.

Use Device Manufacturer’s Software

Almost all smartphone manufacturer offers you some kind of backup software for your device like Mi cloud, HTC backup, Samsung smart switch etc. Using this backup solution can help you save your contacts, pictures, videos and other data. This will also help you to avoid downloading third party backup apps.

Download 3rd Party Backup App to Store Data

I highly recommend you to stick with Google for your backup needs, but there are many backup apps available on play store if you don’t want to go with Google for some reason. If your phone is rooted then I suggest you to download titanium backup app as there is no better app than this for rooted phones.Titanium backup lets you backup each and everything on your phone. Of course, there are other backup apps as well but my recommendation to you would be titanium backup app.

So these were some useful tips on how you can back up your data. Follow them and back up your data right now. If you don’t use these backup methods then you’re in a risk of losing everything from your phone which might really be important to you.If the data is gone it is impossible to recover, so if you think these methods were useful and your data matter’s to you back it up right now.