Get and Attract More Match on Tinder (Exclusive Tinder Tips)

Have you been swiping right on tinder the whole day but not getting any matches? Well this app is all about first impression because people judge you on the basis of your photos and short bio on your profile.Now I am going to teach you some amazing techniques which will flood your tinder account with new matches. You can only access Tinder if you are signed in to your tinder account. Make sure you are logged in to tinder profile before using any of the premium tinder services too.

  • Write Short and Sweet Biography

Having to much information on your bio can affect you as much as not having any information.Yes, having great pictures can get you matches on tinder but the bio is what’s going to get you the kind of partner you want. Just write few lines and be who you really are. Use only those words that describe you and do not leave this section empty.


  • Be Careful while Selection of your Pictures

Your profile picture is the most important thing on tinder because it gets you matches.The photos you choose to upload will have the most impact on whether or not you are able to get more matches on Tinder. Make sure you upload photos that are good quality, clear and people can see your face clearly. Choose two to four photos that clearly represents your personality and your everyday lifestyle.In some cases good pictures can even turn a maybe to yes and get you matches.Do not upload group photos as the users will not waste their time trying to find out which one is you from the group.Avoid blurry, highly edited and cropped photos as they are the best ways to lose matches.

Swipe According to Tinder’s Algorithm

Now this is something which most of the tinder users are unaware about.Most of you out there swipe right to everyone.This was okay until tinder brought some consequences for this action.Tinder now has an algorithm in which you are given an internal and secretly calculated score. This score is evaluated upon how often you are swipe right. Based on this, you will be moved up or down the scale and shown only to users who are about of equal status. So if you wish to get away from this tinder’s action try to be a little picky and stop swiping right on everyone.

  • Expand your Age Range on Tinder Setting

If you are planning to date someone whose only younger than you then you are probably missing the potential matches on tinder.Think about your comfort range and expand accordingly.For example, if you searched for people between 25-30 expand it to 20-35. When you expand your age range you will be open for larger age range and more possible matches.You now have more chances of getting the match you are waiting for.


  • Expand your distance

Tinder only shows you people living in the same neighborhood, community and cities.You can expand your distance if you wish to see people from different cities or far from where you live.By expanding your distance you are willing to make potential matches from people far away.

  • Turn on Discovery mode

This is one of the simple mistakes which most users do. Always make sure that your discovery mode is on. If you turn this feature off tinder will not show your profile to other people. This small mistake can have huge consequences on the user.

  • Use Tinder’s Paid Options

I know you didn’t want to hear this but this is also one of the option.Spending few dollars can get you your ideal match. Tinder is a business and like every business it aims to earn profit. If you pay them they’re definitely going to reward you with their services.


So now you’re completely ready to get flooded by new matches.You’re friends are probably gonna get jealous seeing you going out with the new tinder match every week.Hurry up and follow these simple and easy tips given above and you’ll be ruling the tinder world.