iBooks: Your Basic Guide To iBooks App

iBooks is the e-reader Apple IOS application, firstly developed in 2010 on iPad. It reads magazines, articles, novels and many more different books on PDF, text files format offline.
The user can find the iBooks already installed in new versions like iPhone 5s,5c,6,6+ …other advanced versions. If it is not pre-installed in your device it can be downloaded from the ‘App store‘ for free. The users may download the app on iPhone 4s and other advanced versions and devices as well.

In today’s generation iBooks is so much helpful application because we can see that many people are finding everything they want on their phone nowadays, so why not books?

It allows its users to find the books of their choice and it may be old or new, but it needs to be in PDF or textbook format. If your desired book is not in that format then you can not find it on iBooks. It helps the users to read the entire book in their own phone and wherever they are they don’t have to roam around to buy and read their favorite books in the market by spending so much time. Just download it and read at your free time offline. It does not even cost any charges to read them. Yes, it’s true that some books are available for purchase purpose by the author but not every book.

With user-friendly purpose, it has many features to make your experience of using iBooks better. Users can zoom in/zoom out the small texts, know the page numbers, search some specific words or sentences within the whole book, brighten up and down the screen brightness and by selecting the word you can find its meaning automatically by its browser. You can even put a bookmark on the page you are reading for later to know your last read page. You can do it with clicking on the ‘Bookmarks sign‘ available in the top right corner. It is available on every page.

If you want to send some specific paragraph to send your friends you can just select the word and copy it and paste to your message box, its simple as that.

Read Your books in any device

An e-reader application of Apple is made for our busy and digital generation, who wants to accomplish multiple tasks from own smartphone and other devices. Sometimes it’s hard to carry a book everywhere we go so iBook helps us to so becoming Which saves our time and effort. Now here we are going to know about the instruction to use iBooks.

How to Use iBooks?

1. Download the app

The user has to download the app if they do not have on their device pre-installed. It can be downloaded from the ‘App store‘. In the app store, it can be easily found by searching as ‘iBooks ‘.

Click on the App-store at first and download it.

2. Login/Sign up Apple ID

After downloading the app you must sign in, in the app. You can log in with your Apple ID as well. If you do not have one, you need to create one to user iBooks. You can click on ‘Create a Free Apple account‘ button to create a new account.

Click on the botton to create account

3. Search for Books and Download the books.

After downloading the iBook the user can search books on ‘Search‘ bar to search for Books, it can be found in PDF format on iBooks. Some of them are as downloadable and to read some, the user has to buy them.

4. Create folders to keep different types of books and files

You can even keep your different types of files and book in different folders. To do this you should click on ‘Select’ and then click on the book you want to keep in a specifically created folder by its nature. This will save your time to find your files.

4. Buy Books

The costs of those books start at $1.99. After searching the books you want to read, You can see the button right next to the book you searched for, as it is free or not. if it is showing some price tag in the box eg $ 2.35, $ 5.34, $1.20 etc. You can buy it with the various payment method. Such as PayPal, credit card. Before buying it can read its description as its writer, published date  and other reader’s review as well .

5. Download the Books

If you want free books to download while searching then you can search it by ‘Free books‘ on the ‘search‘ bar. You can find your results if its available on iBooks. In the list you can see the ‘Download sign‘ button if it is free, then click on it to download. Later it will be saved on your device.

6. Upload the PDF Files

You can even upload your other books or files which are in PDF format. It may be images, pictures or text but it needs to be on PDF format. In some cases, we may have the books downloaded from other websites in this situation we can save our files with other books in iBook. for this, we have to press bit long then option shows up like open with iBooks, Mail, Notes and other sites, then click on iBooks to save it.

Options to save PDF files.

7. Deleting the Books

To delete your old or new books you have to click on all book section on the first page in there you can find different section such as all Book, Books, Audiobooks, PDFs.there you should click on all books where you can find your all book’s list.then in the right top corner you can see the select sign. Then press it for a while then you can see the select box in every book you have downloaded on your iBook. Select the book you want to delete and click on delete button top left the corner.

8. Conclusion

We can say that iBook help us a lot in a very good way. Today’s busy generation need this type of application very much because everyone is so busy with their lifestyle so they can not manage their time out of their digital devices like laptop, phone, and internet. So, in this situation iBook helps us a lot with its amazing features.