Effective Steps To Activate Google Assistant| Uses| Benefits

Google Assistant is the simple assistant of Google. It is a virtual assistant program that is supported by Artificial Intelligence. All the google home products, as well as the smartphones, have access to Google Assistant. Some the Pixel devices have the Its main work is to perform a set of tasks commanded by the user. But the Google Assistant is only available if your smartphone has the Android 5.0 or higher.

How To Activate The Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the fun way of searching the information on the web. It helps you get the information or complete the given tasks in a conversation format. Google Assistant can be activated in different ways. It can be activated either by rooting method or without rooting method. Rooting method is considered a long and difficult task for some users. So the non-rooting process is quite an easy one. So before enabling the Google Assistant, you need to make sure that your phone has the 10.2.98 version or above of Google So some of the steps that are required to follow to enable the Google Assistant are as follows:

Steps To Enable Google Assistant

Step 1: Go to the settings of your smartphone. On the settings find the Google settings. On the top right corner tap on three dots then select on the ‘Help and Feedback’.

Step 2: In the ‘Help’ section. again tap on the three dots. There you will see many options, among them, select on the ‘View in the Google Play Store’. Then the Google Play Store opens up. Then you will get a notification saying ‘Become a Beta Tester’. Click on the ‘Im in’ option.

Step 3: Then you will get a permission to join a beta program. Tap on the ‘join’ button.

Step 4: Until the beta is signing up, search for ‘Google app’ in the play store and also again sign up for its beta program.

Step 5: In the ‘My Apps and Games’ section of Play Store, go to the ‘Beta’ tab. You will see two apps ‘Google’ and ‘Google Play Services’, update both of them.

Step 6: After both the apps are updated. Go to the ‘Settings’, and then ‘Apps’ Under the apps section, go to the ‘Google Storage’ and click to the ‘Manage Space’. Then tap on ‘Clear All Data’

Step 7: Then go to the app, ‘Google Play Services’ repeat the same steps as mentioned for the ‘Google’ app.

Step 8: After everything is done, go to the ‘Google’ app and tap on the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 9: After opening up ‘Settings’ you will see Google Assistant settings, Google Assistant setup window pops up. Then tap on the ‘Continue’. Now you can get started. Google Assistant recognises your voice and now you are ready to use your personalised Google Assistant.

Benefit Of Enabling Google Assistant

With the Google Assistant, you can do many cool pieces of stuff. There are many things you may not be aware that a Google Assistant can help you do.

Unlock your phone: You simply can unlock a phone by saying ‘OK Google’ from the Google Assistant. You can unlock your phone just by But if your phone is running Android 8.0 or higher then you cannot unlock your phone.

Use of Google Apps: Google Assistant helps you use the various apps that you are using on your phone. Want to check your email urgently? Then there is Google Assistant for you. You can plan your day by setting up a reminder to book up a flight or maybe for your friends birthday or any particular event. Google Assistant also tells you the date, time and weather with the help of the apps like calendar, clock with a few seconds. You even can share the locations with your friends or families.

Similarly, you can directly open photos either by downloading it through the web or from your Google account with the help of a single command. It saves time to open up the app and search for the related posts. With Google Maps, you can directly conversate and know the directions and the traffics of the particular place. With Google translate, you can translate any words written in any language in a matter of seconds. With the Google fit you can calculate the miles you jogged up while with the Google News, you can get updated with the latest news. So with the help of Google Assistant, you can perform as many tasks as possible with the help many apps with no waste of time. You can directly call or message your major contacts by commanding their name. For example “Call Dad”.

Search things nearby: With the help of Google Assistant, you can search the nearby restaurants, Hotels or the Movie Theatres. Similarly, you can also find your phone with the help of Google Assistant. You need to have a ‘Find my phone’ and the location turned on. You can also find your favourite spots to hang out or someplace to have a serious meeting just with a click. In the same way, you can with the help of Google lens you can capture some objects and recognize the objects immediately.

For Entertainment: You can use Google Assistant just to entertain yourself too. If you are bored then you can tell your virtual assistant to entertain you. It can come up with many ways to make you entertained. It can sing you a birthday song, crack a joke, play a game with you, make you explore interesting stuff on the internet and many more. Similarly, search the shows you want to watch directly opening Netflix from the Google Assistant.

Talk about Loans and other stuffs: Google Assistant helps you to talk to loan finder. It helps to answer the questions related to finding and paying back a loan. It can help you to split out the amount you will be paying over the length of your loan term. Hence with the help of the Google Assistant, you can find a person or a place that can provide you with a loan virtually.

In the world of Google and technology, Google Assistant has actually turned out to be an assistant of any person using Android. So with many features and the capability to perform tasks with no effort, people do prefer to use Google Assistant in a day to day activities. Whether to set up an alarm for tomorrow morning or to set up a reminder for the food cooking in the kitchen we use Google Assistant. Hence today’s people and their world are more seemed to be dependent and much more useful with Google Assistant.