How to Change Name on Facebook?

Have you created Facebook account already? Do you wish to change your Profile name? Maybe keep a nick name or a name that is more familiar among your family and friends so that you can connect to more people you know even easily? Then Facebook has a feature where it allows you to change your already published name. Stay with us to see how to change your name on Facebook.

Maybe you want to be reached on Facebook with your nick name or a name that is more familiar among your family and friends or maybe you want to add your partner’s surname after marriage, let the reason be any you can easily change your name on Facebook and connect to more people you know on Facebook. Because Facebook is the #1 trending Social site where you can find literally everyone you know!, well most of them are available on Facebook. But searching for them with a name familiar to you is the only way if you are looking to connect to your family or friend who have been out of reach for a long time. So people who want to reach to you will also search for you with your name that is known to them. So to keep connected with your loved family members and friends with a name familiar among them, you can change, edit or delete your current name on Facebook.

Check out the video below to know how you can change your Facebook name or use the step by step guide given below.

Note: Once you change your name on Facebook you will not be able to re-change it until 60 days after your confirmation. This is to keep a constant reach of a person on Facebook. Also you need to abide by the Facebook’s name change rules (i.e do not use unusual capitalization, characters, punctuation etc).

You can also refer to the steps below to know how you can change your name on Facebook within few minutes;

  1. Open your Facebook account from any device that is accessible near you..
  2. On the top right corner click on the drop down button and go to the ‘Settings’.
  3. You can see your name on the first option in the listing to the right of which you can see ‘Edit’ link, click on it.
  4. Here you can change your name (add, edit or remove first, middle or last name).
  5. Change your present name to the desired name and after you are confirmed with the change click on ‘Review Change’.
  6. You will see a dialogue box where you get to choose from a couple of options on how to display your name on your profile. Click on the desired option.
  7. Enter your password in the empty field next to ‘Password’ and click on ‘Save changes’.
  8. You have now successfully changed your current Facebook name.

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