How to Create Own Custom Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Stickers now available on Android and iOS

WhatsApp stickers are out in the app for both android and ios users. WhatsApp came late into the game as its competitors Viber, WeChat, Hike had already been here for a long time. Sticker packs are free, and there are currently around 12 different sets to pick from. WhatsApp has launched 12 sticker packs for its users and the messaging platform has also posted a guide which will allow users to create custom stickers while they will also be able to download third-party sticker apps on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The stickers include amusing teacup, broken heart, adorable dinosaur and others. There was already presence of images, emojis, gifs in the app but the new sticker feature will allow the users to express themselves in a better way and connect with friends and families.

WhatsApp users can now create their own custom sticker packs and send them to friends and family. WhatsApp stickers are now launched for Android and iOS users recently and this new WhatsApp feature has been an instant success. Stickers are animated graphics, that are based on various themes, moods and other categories.

WhatsApp stickers were one of the most awaited feature as its competitors Viber, Messenger, WeChat were already in the game for a long time. But to stand out and make things a bit interesting now you can create your own custom sticker packs on WhatsApp. The feature is open to third-party, which means developers from around the world can create and add stickers for WhatsApp. Thanks to ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’ Android app. There is more than one way in which you can install custom stickers on WhatsApp. So, let’s check them out.

Download Sticker maker for WhatsAppApplication

The first thing you need to do to create your sticker on WhatsApp is to download the ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’ app from the google play store. Only Android users can use this benefit as it is not available on IOS. After you download this app follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the app after download finishes.
  2. Click on the “Create a new sticker pack” option.
  3. You will be asked to enter the sticker pack’s name and author. Enter the sticker pack’s name and author.
  4. Now you will see empty sticker tray. Tap on another of them to add new, and you will have an option to add a file from your phone or click a new one for the sticker pack.
  5. Select a photo and it will be uploaded on an image editor.
  6. Now you can crop the image and select the portion you want as a sticker. The cropping will not have a fine finish but you will have the option to undo and redo.
  7. After you are finished with adding stickers to the pack, tap on the Publish Sticker Pack option.
  8. Finally you will be asked to add these stickers to your WhatsApp app, accept and head to the WhatsApp app to enjoy these new custom stickers.


WhatsApp is improving its features to let its users connect with each other more easily and efficiently. The facebook owned app has come a long way as it has become one of the most popular messaging app among its users. The latest sticker feature brought by the WhatsApp has been loved by the people as they were desperately waiting for their beloved app to launch the stickers. WhatsApp says that the new feature will make the chatting more easier, expressive and improve the overall experience of users.