How To Create a YouTube Channel

Do you see Youtubers uploading their videos and getting a number of subscribers? Do you also wish to be known on YouTube? Then all you need to do is create a YouTube channel.

Everyday we use YouTube either to watch songs or videos. Maybe you are actively searching for bloopers to have a good laugh, inspirational videos, or maybe a business insights. Whatever video content you are looking for, YouTube has it all. We probably do not need to tell you that video content accounts for over 74% of all the available online traffic, or that over billions of videos are searched for and watched in YouTube. By now you already know that YouTube is one of the most  important online tool, and as you are reading this article we suppose you are ready to start uploading video for your own business.

With a Google account, you can watch videos, like videos and subscribe to channels. But, remember without having your own YouTube channel, you will have no public presence on YouTube, so you will only be behind the screens surfing for entertaining videos but are not legitimate to upload one yourself. Even if you have a Google Account, you need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or make playlists.

If you’re reading this article, then this article will overview everything you ever wanted to know about creating your own YouTube channel, now you can start uploading your own videos and growing your audience today. In real world, video has become much easier and cheaper to create. This means opportunity for your business growth has increased on YouTube.

It is no more the 2000s. The takeover of social media marketing has been a long time plus when we talk about video contents, no one would be less interested to check one out. More and more brands have made their presence to YouTube. Talk about How to videos, funny videos, inspirational videos or just plain documentary, YouTube content provides a cost effective way to entertain your viewers.

We suppose you are now hungry enough to reach billions of potential viewers, sharing videos is a great way to grow your brand awareness, either as a company or an individual. So, now that you have decided to step your foot into creating your own YouTube channel, how do you get started? Well, let us show you how, in this simple yet effective tutorial.

  1. Go to, on the top right hand corner you will see a ‘Sign In’ link, click on that link. On YouTube you will not find any ‘Sign Up’ link so you will have to use this link only to create your account.
  2. Next, you will see ‘Create account’, click on that link.
  3. You will now be prompted to the create account page, here you will need to enter your credentials for your account. Be sure to click on ‘I would like a new Gmail address’. Enter your user name, this will be your google user name, enter your google user name, enter a password and confirm it by re-entering, Your birth date, your gender, your phone number (your phone number helps with keeping your account secure and also helpful for account recovery if in future you need it.) Click on ‘Create Account’ once you are done.
  4. Your account is created, click on ‘Continue to youtube’.\
  5. Once you are on Youtube go to the top right corner of your page, click on the blue link shaped as a person, and click on ‘Creator Studio’.
  6. You will now be asked to create a channel, click on the ‘Create a channel’ Link in blue.
  7. You will have to state you are creating the channel to use as what, click on ‘Use as business or other name’ link.
  8. You will now be asked to give name to your channel, Write your desired channel name in the given field, select a category referring to the contents you will be uploading on your channel. After this tap on ‘I agree to the pages terms’ link and now click done after you have finished here.
  9. You have now successfully created your channel. You can now have a overlook of your channel for which use the ‘Dashboard’ option you have on the left had side of the page. From dashboard you can see how much views and how many subscribers you have for your channel.
  10. Click on ‘View channel’ underneath your name, from here you can put some channel art, click on ‘Add channel art’. You can select your desired picture to upload. If you click on gallery you can choose from pre-selected pictures. To upload your own, go to ‘Upload photos’ and choose from your device memory to upload photo to make your channel banner
  11. For you channel logo click on the little pencil symbol on the left top corner of the page, click ‘Edit’. It will take you guys to Google+. From here you will click on ‘Select a photo from your computer’, find your logo from device memory, click ‘Open’ and from here all you have to do is adjust your crop. After that click on ‘Set as profile picture’ Once you set it as profile picture it might take up to an hour to show up on your Youtube channel.
  12. If you want to upload a video, click on ‘Upload’ link on the top right corner next to your menu.
  13. You will see a new page that has a arrow symbol, click on it to upload video on your channel. Find whatever video you want to upload that is located in your device memory. Select the video and click ‘Open’.
  14. Put any title you want for your video, add descriptions to your video if necessary, make the descriptions a little bit more interesting, add tags that are relevant to your video so that people can find your video easily. Do not fill up with many tags, only use tags that are necessary. More tags is never equal to more views, it only helps Youtube users to find your video when searched using relevant keywords. Wait for a couple of moment and let the video be processed and fully uploaded.
  15. After it is uploaded, go to ‘Video manager’ option on the left menu corner, click ‘Edit’ option below the desired video. Here you can choose your own video thumbnail, you can also select a custom thumbnail, but for that you will need a partnership network.
  16. On the ‘Community’ option on your left, you can check out the comments, messages, subscribers and many more related to the video.
  17. From ‘Channel’ you can see that you are on community guidelines where you are restricted to upload videos that are copyright of others. We would also recommend you to click on ‘Verify’ link to verify your channel so that you can upload long videos of up to 15 minutes, it really helps google to know that you are an authorized youtube channel.
  18. From ‘Analytics’, you can see how much views, subscribers, also how much money as well.

So that is about it on how to create a youtube channel and basic overlook of the channel. If you have any queries regarding this, you can simply get back to us in the comments.