Download Instagram Photo in Less than 2 Min | Downloading Instagram Pictures / Video

If you don’t know, Instagram is one of the very popular mobile app recently bought by Facebook INC. Basically a mobile based application that people use to share pictures and photos with their friends circle or followers. There are many social and public figure that stands out to share 1000’s of pictures everyday, keeping Instagram a colorful place to hang around with.

Still being a very popular and widely used photo sharing app, Instagram doesn’t have feature to download the pictures that are uploaded. So, if you are thinking to download Instagram pictures then you must find a better way which is not directly available on Instagram. Talking more about Instagram, started on October 6, 2010 this photo/video sharing app has grown its user base to next level. There are many users who are directly connected to the world through this app. Beside uploading and sharing pictures, Instagram now also allows you to chat within their application. Now, you can use Instagram not only to share pictures but to chat and yes it has introduced its new feature Instagram TV (IGTV) which even allows users to share and upload their videos. Many celebrities and production houses have already started sharing their video content through Instagram to reach major mass of related audience. So if you are a video maker, make sure not to forget uploading content on Instagram too. You never know when you can be the next Instagram hero with millions of subscribers and followers.

Even if Instagram does not have an official download button for photos or pictures uploaded, you can still relax, take a cup of coffee and get instantly downloaded Instagram Photos wherever you need it. Watch the above video properly and know how to download Instagram Pictures in matter of few minutes easily and perfectly. You can also see step by step guide given below to get stared with downloading Instagram images. See How:

  1. First of all Open your Web browser and make sure your Internet connection is working so that you don’t face any trouble during the download session.
  2. Go to the Instagram profile or business page whose picture you want to download from Instagram.
  3. Now choose the image you want to download and then ‘right click’ to choose copy link address.
  4. Once you are done copying link address of Instagram picture you want to download, you can now open  a fresh new browser and go to  ‘‘.
  5. is a website where you can give the photo’s link location URL and get it downloaded on your desktop very easily.
  6. When downloadgram full website opens up, paste the link of the photo URL and click the ‘Download’ button beneath the Search bar.
  7. Congratulation You are finally done downloading your required photo or image from Instagram.

Can you Download Videos Uploaded on Instagram too?

In case if you are confused whether you can download the videos on Instagram then the answer is YES. Obviously you can download any video that is uploaded on Instagram. If you need to download video from Instagram then the process is same as downloading images from Instagram. Go to and similarly keep the video URL on the box and click Download. Puff !! You easily can download images and videos from Instagram in matter on minutes.

Downloading Instagram Images? Keep these things in Mind

Instagram is an open platform for users where you can share any pictures or videos that doesn’t violate the application. If you trying to download Instagram pictures and videos make sure you have the rights to re use it where ever you want it. Using of Instagram pictures of videos without the prior notice to the user might bring many copyright issues. So if you want to commercially use downloaded pictures or videos from Instagram, we request you to take permission from the content right holder. This way you will be away from any kind of copyright issues in near future too. Clear authorized content right holder about where and how you are using their content. In case if you are not using it for commercial use and just want to download Instagram photo for your personal usage then you are free to do so. But make sure you don’t misuse the Instagram content that you download. Prevention is always better then cure. 🙂

How to get the Instagram Photo without Downloading?

If you are desperately needing to get Instagram photo or picture on phone then there is a certain trick to do so. Many people these days use smart phones to get connected. Applications like Instagram are also widely used on only smart phones. As you already know many smart phones has inbuilt feature of screen shot and screen recorder within their mobile phone. In this case if you need to get Instagram photo without downloading it from other 3rd party platform, you can simply screen shot the Instagram image you want through your mobile phone.

These are some easy ways of downloading Instagram image and Videos instantly. If you still are facing problem with Instagram photo download then you can ask your question here.

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