Effective Instructions To Download And Use Google Keep

Google keep, an effective action of Google where you can make notes and lists of activities or the list of thing you need to collect from store, notes can be online and offline. Sometimes we may need a list to accomplish somethings (by clicking on the completed thing with the mark) such as when the needed collection of things you need when going to market, the bunch of things you need while finishing your projects and many more.

Google Keep

It has a single and multi-column view. Your notes even can get colour coded. Users can even set the reminder, check out the many more features down below.

Get Google Keep On PC/ Chrome

Google Keep can be very much beneficial for you if you want to get it on your PC because many organizations, students and other users who regularly use PC for their daily need a systematic and functional application to accomplish works effectively. In this situation, those people who need to keep frequent notes and cannot find saved notes at the time of urgency. Users can use Google Keep as a personal note on personal device. If you don’t have or don’t use the personal device then it is good not to keep any personal notes on public device/ PC which can be harmful to you and your privacy.

Download Google Keep on your PC

1. Search for ‘Google keep’ on your web store. You can even find it by clicking right here. Google keep on your pc will help you by recording fast and clean notes and the lists just right on your device.

Click on chrome to get it on pc

2. After clicking on Chrome on the previous step you will get a page having the review, ratings of other users of this application and overview. Now to get Google Keep click on ‘Add to Chrome’ available on the right-hand side of the page which is also highlighted down below in the picture.

Click on Add to Chrome

3. To confirm the activities you will have to click on ‘Add app’ which will appear on the screen and tap on it. After completing these activities now you can use the Google Keep.

Click on Add app

4. Now you can start using Google Keep and take its advantage Google Keep by making and managing your records activities effective. In there you can make files and save those note and list by their heading or title so that you can find them when needed by clicking on ‘Take a note’ on the main menu bar.

Start Taking Notes

Add Extension: Google Keep

By adding extensions in Google Chrome, you can use its online store and update your notes and lists within the application. It can also be available offline once you install it on your device. You can get launched Google Keep app in your windows device and start using it.

Download Google Keep From Google Play on Android

You can download Google Keep from Google Play. After downloading the application on your Android device you can use it even being on offline. Using it offline can be very much beneficial and easy for you to keep your notes and lists up to date even if you are not connected to the internet.

Click on Install to get Google Keep

Now you can keep your notes, lists of required things and importnat reminders with the Google Keep on your Android device just by clicking on ‘install’.

Get Google Keep on you iDevice

Google Keep is also available on iOS versions. To get Google Keep in your iDevice like iPhone, iPad, search for it by its name going on the App Store. By getting it on your iOS device you can quickly update your notes and lists by tapping on its icons respectively and even mark on completed tasks by clicking. With this, it would be easier for you to accomplish other things which you have listed out previously. With your device you can even click new photos to keep in on Google Keep and you can even update your old pictures from your device

Google Keep from iOS

How To Use Google Keep

As we know that Google Keep is mainly for keeping notes so here are going to know about the instruction to use the Google keep and get its advantages.

  • To add new notes click on ‘take on the note.’
  • If something you kept note is important to remember on a specific time and date then you can add its reminder by clciking on bel icon to get reminded on that specific time as per your requirements.
Click on reminder to put time and place
  • If you want to share your note with anyone then you can share them by clicking on (+) sign available on right next to reminder. To share you will have enter the email address of the receiver.
Enter the email address of receiver and click on save.
  • Colourful notepad will surely look better than a plain one right? so here you can fill the colours to your notes as you want by selecting the colour available there. You can do that with the ‘Paint’ sign.
Change note’s color by choosing
  • To do more you can click on three dots as shown in the picture below. From this option you can add many things on your note or lists, such as deleting, drawing and many more.
Make difference with tools

Main menu’s options in the instruction to use Google Keep mentioned above can be different in location as per the device. If you are using Google Keep from your phone (either Android or iOS) and cannot finding options as mentioned above then you can find them in the menu button available on the top right or left side of the page.
Here we have got to know about the instruction to download Google Keep and use this application from a different devices PC, Android and iOS, so to know more you will have to install it on your device and start using the app for the better result by being more informative.