9 Essential Tips To Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile | Boost LinkedIn Profile Fast

Want to create a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed? Just creating a LinkedIn profile is not enough to catch recruiters attention. You need to make sure your profile is fresh and shining in order to get noticed by recruiters.

LinkedIn is a social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But where it differs from other social media websites is, it is clearly focused on business and for professional purposes. It is a professional network which helps people to connect with other people working in the similar fields, Discover professional opportunities, find a new job, prepare for a meeting, and give your online reputation a major boost. Unlike other social media websites this is a purely a professional which is clearly stated by its tag line “The social networking site for professionals”. Here you won’t find causal photos of people celebrating weekends and having lunch. Let’s check out some tips which will seriously get your profile shining in the eyes of recruiters.

Use a Professional Image

As I’ve already told you that LinkedIn is a purely professional social media website, you must be very careful while uploading a image. Make sure that you use a professional photo. It does not necessarily have to be a formal photo taken in a studio. Just go with the most professional looking picture you have which will be suitable for your profile. It would be cherry on the cake if you upload a photo of yours representing the profession you’re in. Be creative, but keep it professional and polished. A selfie snap in the beach is definitely not a good idea.


Write a Powerful Headline

Your headline is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. Your headline introduces you to your audience telling them who you are and what do you do. So make sure you write something that stands out from others which will grab peoples attention. Your headline should necessarily not be your job title  and company. Instead you can list your specialty and connect directly with your audience. The other big thing you need to do is include your critical keywords in it.I would suggest you to add your targeted keywords in your headline instead of or in addition to your job title.


Write a Attractive Summary

Your summary can have a great impression on the reader. Fill out your summary field with 5–6 of your biggest achievements. You can write 3-5 paragraphs long about your achievements, skills, professional experience and goals. Use bullets to make it easy for the reader to read it. You can also add videos if you are comfortable presenting yourself in front of the audience. Videos will help you connect with your audience more directly than on text.


Add a Background Picture

By clicking on the ‘Edit Background’ button at the top of your profile you can now also add a visual as a header to your profile. Add a background picture that represents you and your work. It would be great if you could show yourself in action doing your work. A background picture will make your profile look more professional and attractive. Add a picture that is interesting and strikes on people’s mind.

Add Links To Relevant Sites

You can add up to three custom links to your LinkedIn profile. If you have done any works related to blog, videos or online portfolio, you can take its benefit by adding the three URLs you are allowed on your profile and link to it. Your websites link can help your audience know more about you and your work.


Connect With People

You need to get over from your shyness if you want to excel in your professional life. Connect with many people as you can in LinkedIn. As you meet new people there is a high chance that they can lead you to new opportunities. The more network you create the more it is beneficial for your professional career. You can meet many new people from your sector who can provide you opportunities, knowledge, growth, expertise, advice, support and job. So it is really important for you to go out there and connect with many people as possible. You should have at least 50-100 people with whom you’re connected.



Join Groups

LinkedIn Groups are an incredible resource and they can do wonders in your professional career. You can meet like-minded individuals, whether in your industry or in an industry closely connected to your work. You’ll instantly be connected to people and part of relevant discussions in your field. You can know what’s going on in your industry and find different issues, articles and events. You can share your queries and look for answers for the things you’re struggling with.To search any group, use the Search box at the top and then the Groups filter on the left hand side.

Keep Your Profile Active

You can keep your profile active by adding status updates. To do so on your Home page near the top you’ll see options to “Share an update”, “Upload a photo” or “Publish a post”. you can share your perspective about what’s going on in your field or anything useful to your network. This will help you build your personal brand and popularity among your network. You can even ask questions to your network and ask for suggestions and referral. This way you can build a close relationship with your network. But remember this is a business and your goal is to build credibility and your professional brand.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For And Give Recommendations

A Recommendation helps you build trust. Recommendations are the currency of the realm on LinkedIn. The best way to get a Recommendation is to write one first for someone you’ve worked with. Once you’ve done it, LinkedIn will ask them if they want to write one back. Ask recommendations with people with whom you’ve worked and impressed them with your work. Reach out to your past colleagues, managers, and associates and ask that they write you a recommendation.


By following these tips I am sure you wont have to wait for any opportunities and jobs. Your killer LinkedIn profile will definitely attract recruiters and potential customers. I hope this post helped you. Thank you for reading this post and if I’ve left out anything important please let me know in the Comment section below.