Facebook Lite & Facebook Messenger Lite (How To)

When you do not have the smartphone with proper storage, and you mostly rely on mobile data for using Facebook or any other internet services, then you probably should consider using Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is the lighter version of Facebook which consumes less cellular data and less storage space of your phone which proves to be an excellent choice for the mobile users with poor data connections and low-end phones. It is found to be used mostly by the people of developing countries where they have poor network connectivity. It has all the main features of Facebook and uses fewer data in return which will benefit most of the people. Let’s see how to download and use Facebook Lite.

What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite as discussed earlier is the lighter version of Facebook. Not everyone has high-speed data or a phone with 3/4 GB RAM. It’s so obvious that many people still have access only to 2G networks and they use low-end phones with either 1GB or 2GB of RAM. The people with that kind of phone would not be able to use popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Linked In, Twitter, etc. smoothly and without any disturbance. Therefore, keeping that in mind, most of the tech giants globally have started making a lite version of their popular apps for such users so that everyone would be able to enjoy the main feature of their apps irrespective of the kind of phone they use.

Talking about Facebook, it has a lite version of both its main app and the messenger. You can enjoy the main features of both the main app and messenger without worrying about

How to download Facebook Lite?

There is a Facebook-lite app available for both Android and iOS platform. You can download this app using the following ways:

To download Facebook Lite on your Android device:
Go to the Facebook Lite website on your browser, or you can go to Google Play Store on your mobile to download Facebook Lite for Android.
To download Facebook Lite on your iOS device:
You need to go to the App Store on your iPhone to download Facebook Lite for iOS.
Note that Facebook Lite for iOS is available in only specific regions. Select your area to find out if it works in your region.

Facebook Versus Facebook lite

After you download the Facebook lite in your smartphone, you need to launch the app. It provides all the necessary and essential feature of Facebook so that you can get the basic features out of the less costly app.

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When you use a Facebook Lite, like Facebook you have access to all of the basic features like you can post on your timeline or other’s timeline, you can search for people, you can like the photos and posts, you can even edit your profile information, and you can even create groups. There are also special features available in Facebook Lite such as finding local social events, saving photos to the specific photo album, following others, looking up information on local businesses, and more. You can also view stories that people add and even add your own story.

On the other hand with Facebook Lite you have no access to features like watching Live Video. Your Facebook usages do narrow down to the basics when you use Facebook Lite.  But you anyway do not use those features on a daily basis, do you? Most of us use Facebook, and all you do is to view your notifications and scroll mindlessly through the feed. You see who added you as a friend and confirm the request if you want. That’s the most basic thing that we use the Facebook for and if all of these features are accessible through Facebook Lite which consumes much less storage space and less cellular data why not switch from Facebook to Facebook Lite if your phone demands so.

The only downside of Facebook Lite, when compared to Facebook, is the user interface, which looks bit outdated and is not as attractive as the main app. The user interface of Facebook Lite is completely stripped down from the main Facebook app. But that’s an obvious and reasonable downside as the lite version takes up so little room and also works on 2G networks. When you open the Facebook Lite at the top, you have what looks like a toolbar with your timeline, friend requests, Messenger Lite which you’ll need to download if you want to send messages, notifications, search tool, and a space to access all of the different features along with your settings.

Though the interface isn’t as smooth as that of the main app and it looks a bit rigid, the navigation of the Facebook Lite is the same as that of Facebook. It’s much easier to get used to it as everything is simpler than the original Facebook. Once you’re on the app for a while, you will barely notice that it is not the main Facebook app. Whenever you pull down on refreshing your feed, you’ll see a status bar load at the top, and the feed is loaded slower than the regular Facebook app, but only by a few seconds. The quality of the photos would be similar as that of the regular Facebook app, so you don’t have to deal with grainy pictures or videos while scrolling through, the photo of lite version is as clear as that of the main Facebook app.

While it’s not as decorative and glamorous when compared to Facebook app, Lite is for those who are looking for a less bloated and less saturated version of Facebook. But if you use Facebook regularly and it is for the entertainment basis, then Facebook Lite may not satisfy your entertainment needs as it provides more of the old-school Facebook feel, where its only purpose was to connect, interact, and keep up with old friends and family. If you’re looking to go back to the basics, then this app is the better option for you to get in touch with your friends, family and the news.

How to Download Messenger Lite?

To download Facebook Lite on your Android device:
Go to this link in your mobile to download Facebook Lite for Android.
To download Messenger Lite on your iOS device:
There is no lite version for messenger made available in the app store for iOS users. But you can download .ipa files and enjoy the messenger lite on your iPhone. There are methods to be followed to download messenger lite on your iOS device. But you can get tons of app which is an integrated lite version of many apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter in one place.
So, this is all about Facebook lite. If you want to learn about the methods of downloading messenger lite on your iOS device, then comment down below, and we will post an article discussing the methods employed to download messenger lite in your iOS device.