Facebook Privacy Setting & Policy (In Details)

Thinking about how you can manage your privacy on facebook.com? Think no more! we will teach you how to properly manage your Facebook Privacy settings so you know who is and isn’t seeing your updates, photos and more.

Facebook includes a host of privacy settings enabling you to easily control who can view your status and access your private details. You can choose from different option to manage the extent of privacy you would like on your profile. We all create Facebook account to connect with people we know or maybe to link to new people, but some of us are not OK with letting strangers get into their business so we might like to hide some of our details or hide our profile as a whole from unwanted and unknown people.

Sometimes you get people stalking your profile and such stalkers might irritate you with their message requests, friend request, miss use your photos and personal information you have provided, also they can make you feel unsafe using a Social networking site. If this is the case then you can limit your profile visibility to only audiences that are friends with you on Facebook or those having mutual friends to you. This way you can enjoy using Facebook on your own privacy terms. You can use the set of tools to control who knows what about you.

Facebook Privacy Setting also helps you limit your past posts and manage your future post audiences so you can without any discomfort post your daily life with people that are connected to your profile or you can choose to view whats happening in your life to people that are not on your friend list. But be careful if you choose to keep your profile and personal information ‘public’. This decision might make you regret, because a profile that does not have privacy settings and if their shared contents are public then some people might use those information in a bad way. So to keep your profile safe and to help you with safe browsing and sharing of your personal profile do choose to manage your privacy settings.

Let us show you how you can manage your Facebook privacy in the video below or if you prefer step by step guide also we have provided that below.

If you choose to read and follow a step by step procedure to manage your Facebook privacy settings then read below on how and what options you get to choose from for editing your privacy settings.

Steps for Facebook privacy settings

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the drop down on the right hand side of your profile. Go to ‘Settings’.
  3. On the ‘Settings’ page go to the left hand side you will find ‘Privacy’ option, click on it.
  4. You can now manage privacy of your account from here. See in details the different privacy setting options

    a) Your Activity: You can mange to whom your future posts will be visible to; Click on ‘Edit’ link to its right, you can mange to let your post be visible to your desired audiences. You can choose to post to be visible to Public(visible to anyone on Facebook), Friends(visible to people on your friend list), Friends except(you can choose audience who will not be able to see what you post) , Friends of friends (anyone on Facebook with whom you have mutual friends). Choose your desired option. 

    b) Below you can view all your activity on Facebook (i.e posts, tags etc)

    c) Limit past posts option helps you to choose how to view your past already posted videos, if you choose this option all your past posts will be hidden from people on Facebook except your friends.

  5. Next you can also manage the way people send you friend request or find you (i.e your account visibility to people who search for you on Facebook). Click on ‘Edit’ to use this function,
    a)Who can send you friend request: Choose from given options.

    b)You can choose if people are allowed to see your friend list

    c)You can choose if people can search for you from the email address that you have provided

    d)Search for your profile from the Phone number that you have provided

    e)Choose if you want to link other search engines to your profile.

  6. Choose from the options given in the ‘Edit’ link to every setting and manage the degree of privacy you would like to have on your Facebook.

All of these privacy settings would be useful for you if you choose to implement these options to be safe on Facebook.