How to Fix an Android Phone That Won’t Charge!

How troubling it is for an Android smartphone user that when you plug your phone in to power to charge it and absolutely nothing happens? This is not a new problem for android users as the device owners complain frequently that their phone won’t charge even when it is plugged into a power source properly. There must be few problems that could be stopping your phone from charging. Charging problems can occur due to a temporary software crash. It is also possible that a corrupted device cache may be causing such a glitch. Another reason for phones to not charge normally or charge slowly may be an inappropriate power source or defective charging cable and adapter. Your device could be refusing to charge altogether, or it could simply be charging really slowly. If you’re phone is experiencing any of these problems, I’ve come up with a few ways to fix and help you charge your phone without any problem.

Check The Power Source

There might be a chance that your phone or charger is not the problem but the power source you are plugging your phone is not working. If you’re trying to charge from the wall outlet try another socket or source. If you’re trying to charge from a USB port on your computer, use another port or try to charge it from cable on the wall outlet. If your device works from changing the charging source then you don’t need to worry anymore and start charging your phone. Just make sure that the source you’re plugging the charger into is working.

Clean Your Charging Port

The next thing causing trouble to charge your phone can be your charging port. Do you keep your phone in the pocket of your jeans and bags? If yes then lint can be the culprit. When lint accumulates in the charging port of your Android phone, it blocks the port and causes certain errors in the connection between the phone and the charger or the cable. Not only lint many other things can get inside your charging port and stop your phone from charging. You can remove the dirt by gently blowing in the charging port. If still the dirt does not goes away then you can take a toothpick, pin or something similar in size and slowly use it to remove the dirt. Be very careful while doing this as you might damage your charging port. Make sure your charging port is clean and nothing is blocking it. Try charging after cleaning it and see whether if it worked.


Check Your Adapter

Before start messing with your phone don’t forget to check your wall adapter. Specially, if you’re using the charging cable which can be removed. We have faced many problems in multiple chargers where the USB port becomes a little loose after endlessly plugging. The USB port in the adapter might have been broken as well. You can check if your charger and cable work the same way for charging other devices. This will help you understand if there is fault in the charger or device. Make sure that there is no problem with your adapter and take further actions.


Restart Your Phone

Every time we have a problem relating to anything on our phone the first thing we do is restart it and most of the time it works as well. Give it a shot in this case as well. When your phone does not show that it is charging give it a restart. Power off your phone and wait for 10-20 seconds then turn it back on. After the restart try and check if the phone charges at its normal pace like before.


Change Your Battery

Batteries don’t last forever. They come with a certain life span. After a couple of years they start to struggle to hold a charge specially if its a low budget or mid range android phone. You may have to change your battery soon if you often discharge and recharge them or let your phone charge whole night. Remove your device’s cover and inspect your battery to see if there is any problem. Some defective batteries are easy to spot because they start to bulge or leak fluid. Don’t plan to change the phone because changing the battery will be enough. Replace your battery and see if your mobile works completely fine with the new one.


Don’t Use Phones While Charging

First thing i would recommend you is not to use your phone while charging. If you’re using your phone while charging and using high graphics app there might be a chance that your phone won’t charge. The high graphics apps consumes a lot of battery which stops your phone from charging. Close the app and also clear all the running apps in the background and see of your phone charges.


Do a Factory Reset

This is the last option you have if all the above options do not work. This is last software fix that you can try but be sure to do it carefully. Make sure you do a backup of all your data before doing a factory reset of your phone. A factory reset might help you fix any other hidden software issue that is preventing your phone from charging. But it also will delete all data from your phone including your contacts, messages, pictures, and all other user data. So don’t forget to backup all your data before doing factory reset.


Try all of these methods and try to fix your charging problem. I am sure any one method from above will diagnose your battery woes and to help you fix the problem. If any of the methods from above don’t work and your phone still does not show any signs of charging then you’re in some trouble mate. You will need to get your phone repaired. You can go to your nearest phone service store and check if anything is wrong with your mobile device. I hope this guide helped you and fixed your problem. If you have any another working methods to fix a phone that won’t charge, you can share it with us in the comment section below.