How to Fix an Android Phone that won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Nowadays, Using internet on smartphone is a daily routine of every smartphone users. With Wi-Fi connection you can access to any websites and apps. But these days there is a major problem faced by many android phones that is not connecting to Wi-Fi network and i can imagine how frustrating can it be specially when you have to do something important online. If this is the same case with you would definitely want to fix your Wi-Fi connection rather than going over your data plan because Wi-Fi is more faster and affordable. In this post I will teach you some tips and techniques that will definitely solve your connectivity issues and you can happily surf the internet with your Wi-Fi connection.

Make Sure Wi-Fi is ON

The first thing to do on your phone when the Wi-Fi is not working is obviously to check whether you have your Wi-Fi turned on. Just Pull down your notification bar and check if the Wi-Fi is on. If it is turned on you can also go to settings>Wi-Fi and see everything is good and no changes are need to be made.


Toggle Wi-Fi OFF and ON

By just simply switching your wifi network on and off can fix this problem sometimes if you’re lucky enough. On your android phone, drag down your notification bar and look for wifi icon. Then toggle it off and wait for few seconds. Again after few seconds toggle it on. Allow your phone to search for available wifi connections. If your phone catches the available connection then your problem is fixed.

Check Airplane Mode on your Phone

Drag down your notification bar and see if the airplane mode is turned off. Make sure the airplane mode is turned off because Wi-Fi does not work when the airplane mode in on.


Forget the Wi-Fi network and Reconnect

Forgetting the network and then reconnecting might solve your problem but you need to make sure you have all the detailed information like the Wi-Fi name and the password. To forget your network go to settings, click on wifi and select your network. Then tap on your network and you will see a forget network option at the bottom. Then leave it for few minutes and again connect to that network with same password.


Turn the Bluetooth Off

The Bluetooth can sometimes create trouble and interfere while connecting to a wifi network. Sometimes when the Bluetooth is on, Wi-Fi might not work. So turn off  the Bluetooth option and try to connect to a Wi-Fi network again.


Restart your Android Phone Device

Every time we have a problem relating to anything on our phone the first thing we do is restart it and most of the time it works as well. Same with this problem also, your android phone not connecting to wifi network is a simple temporary malfunction which can most of the times be fixed by restarting your phone.  Just press and hold the power button, select the restart option, wait for the device to turn back on again and then check to see if the connection problem still exists or not.

Turn your Router OFF/ON

It is not necessary that your phone is to be blamed for the connections problem. Chances might be that your router is the one with the problem. This is quite possible and very easy to fix. All you need to do is turn your router off and wait for few seconds before turning it on. After it is turned on check if you can connect to the network.


These were some of the tips and techniques to fix your Wi-Fi connection problems. I hope these tricks worked well and you managed to fix your problem. However, if none of the tips worked for you then your phone is having some serious issue which means you need to get it repaired. You can go to your nearest phone service store and check if anything is wrong with your mobile device which is causing interruption on internet connection.