7 Ways to Fix Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera | Fix iPhone Camera Problem

Apple company is one of the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world mostly popular for it’s advanced features regarding the camera and all other smartphone experiences that one expect in their phone. Despite it’s popularity, many iPhone users are found complaining about their camera not working properly and only a black screen appearing when the camera app is launched. If you are going through the same problem and looking for the solution, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss about the top five ways which will aid in fixing the black screen problem in iPhone camera. Let’s see what can be the possible solution to the problem we have been facing:

How to Fix the Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera?

If you need an immediate solution for the iPhone camera issues then give a try to the below mentioned suggestions/tip.

Tip 1: Close the Camera App on your Smart Phone

Sometimes, when the camera app in your iPhone is not loaded properly, it causes problem in the proper functioning of the camera. So the first suggestion would be to close the camera app. For closing the camera app, double click on the home button to get the preview of the apps and then swipe up the camera UI (User Interface). This will close the camera app. Now you need to wait for a while and then restart the iPhone.

Black screen problem in iPhone camera


Tip 2: Switch your Camera to Rear or Front

Sometimes, the hardest of the problem can also be solved by the simplest of tricks. I mean to say that, switching your camera from rear to front or vice-versa, can also solve the issues that you are facing with the camera. If your rear camera shows black screen, then switch the camera to front and if the front camera is not working and showing black screen, switch it to rear. This simple trick may help to get your iPhone cameras back to normal.

switch your camera to rear or front


Tip 3: Turn Off the Voice over Feature

It might sound surprising, but it has been found that the iPhone where the voice-over feature is turned on has gone through the black screen camera problem mostly. This may be a glitch in iOS that may cause the iPhone camera to malfunction at times.So why take a risk? Go to Settings>> General>> Accessibility and turn off the Voice over feature.

turn off voiceover


Tip 4: Restart your iPhone

Restarting the phone can solve most of the issues we face in our phone. This is the most common solution that is applicable to any electronic and electrical devices that doesn’t function properly. So, reach out to the power button on your iPhone and press it for few seconds, a screen where “slide to power off” appears as shown below. Then slide it and turn off your mobile. Wait for at least a minute before turning on your mobile again.


Tip 5 : Reset the Hardware of your iPhone/ Force Restart your iPhone

If above mentioned tips don’t work on your favor then you may need to force restart your iPhone. This is also called resetting the hardware of the phone or factory resetting your phone. For force restarting your phone, you need to click on the power and home button at the same time for few seconds until the apple logo appears on the screen as given below. Let the phone restart. Hopefully when the phone restarts, the camera will be functioning properly.


Tip 6: Update the iOS Version of your iPhone

Chances are that an unstable of version of iOS can also lead to malfunctioning of camera. There is an easy solution for this problem. You need to upgrade your iphone to the stable version of iOS. Go the Settings>> General>> Software Update. This will show if your iphone has up to date iOS version or is there any update available. Download and install the updated version of the iOS if available for your iphone. Make sure the phone is connected to the stable internet connection and is at least 60% charged. Upgrading your iPhone can take certain time. Wait for it patiently.This can solve the camera issues.

Tip 7: Use the third party applications to fix the issues related to iPhone

If any of the above six mentioned tips don’t work on your favor to solve the iPhone black screen camera issues then you can use the applications such as dr.fone and many others apps which are freely available to serve you.

Therefore, these are the seven ways which you can use to recover back  the normal camera from the black screen whenever the camera app is opened. Try these seven steps to get the easy solution at your home without having to visit the iPhone camera repair service provider. Do let us know if you are experiencing any other problems related to iPhone. Webtech Tutorial is here to provide you with the solutions.