How to Get Free Background Music For Your YouTube Videos – No Copyright Music!

You have a YouTube channel and you like to upload videos in your channel but you are facing  some difficulties after you have uploaded your videos simply because your videos consist of the songs which are popular but you do not have any permission to use those songs, right?  And you are in need to find some free background music for your YouTube videos, right? So, you have created an excellent video and all you need now is a right music for your video. Obviously, you can not just use any music from your favorite singer and play it as a background music in your video. Remember that, YouTube doesn’t work that way-you need to have a copyright or written permission for the music you use in your videos. But also if you use the copyright music in your YouTube videos by not following the rules and using those songs without permission following things are likely to happen:

Things that are likely to happen when you use copyright music:

Lets assume you have made an excellent video for YouTube. Its time to add background music to your video and then you used a popular song as a background music. Not a while after you upload that video, YouTube algorithm  will detect that you have use copy-protected music in your video.

Once the algorithm confirmed the music belongs to someone else, YouTube will send you an email asking if you have written permission from the original creator. If you have the permission and consent letter, you can send that to YouTube but in case you don’t, then you run into a trouble and you merely have two choices to make:

  • You keep the video uploaded, but any revenue that comes out of it goes to the original creator of that music and you do not have any rights to those revenues which actually is the result of the hard-work you have put into making your videos. Usually, the big production houses has the rights to that music and only because you used their music all the revenues goes to them.
  • But if you do not want any other big companies to keep your revenues,you can replace the copyright music from the YouTube’s audio library and keep all the revenue you get from your videos.

Sometimes, its likely to get copyright violation strike from YouTube, even when you use your song. In such cases, you can file a dispute (you’ll get this option in the email they sent) to solve the issue. But, settling this issue can be little time consuming; it takes some time to settle.

So, the choice is yours and if you want to keep the revenues earned by your videos to yourself, you need to figure out a way to get a good music, free of cost to be featured in the background of your YouTube videos.

Worry not, there are a couple of places where you can find high-quality royalty free music. We are here to discuss about different ways to get free background music for your YouTube videos. Let’s begin the tutorial.

Method 1: From YouTube Audio Library

  1. Go to your account which is usually a gmail account and click on it. You will see a drop down menu. Click on YouTube Studio(beta).
  2. Now, on the YouTube Studio(beta) menu, click on “Creator Studio Classic”.
  3. You may be prompted with the dialog box given below. Click on the first option as shown below and click on submit.
  4. Now Click on Create Option after the next window opens and select the option “Audio Library”. Now you will be given a list of free music. Click on the download arrow to download.

Therefore, in this way, by using YouTube audio library, you can download free music to be used in your YouTube videos. From sound effects, you can choose a category like horror, door, human voice and many more. You can even use the music from YouTube Audio Library, to monetize your old videos that contain copyright music. Simply, go to the video manager, click on the edit option next to the video that has monetization pending and replace song from YouTube audio library.


Method 2: From IncompeTech

It is founded a decade ago so over the years they have developed a good collections background music. It has the variety of genre you can use for commercial and non-commercial projects, provided you give attribution to the owner.These songs available here are not just limited to YouTube, you can use them any way u like be it in films or video game, presentation or any other offline or online commercial use.

Method 3: From Fl studio 

It is not a website, but an app or program  which is mostly instrumental, letting you create your own unique music.If you are looking for something unique, like a theme song for your own channel, then it’s better for you to make your own music. And Fl Studio is the best software to make professional music using home PCs. So, FI Studio is another way of getting free music for your YouTube videos.

Method 4: From YouTube

Yes, it’s true,you can find background music for YouTube video on YouTube as well. It’s royalty is free and you can even monetize it. Therefore by using YouTube we can search for the free background music for your videos and download it and later use it in your YouTube videos. There are various YouTube channels which upload the music so that YouTubers like us can download those music and use them in our videos. All they ask for is the credits in the video description, which is totally fair right? So, use those music and give them credits in the video description.

Therefore, using the methods mentioned above you can get free background music for your YouTube videos and upload your videos without getting into any kind of trouble assuring yourself of the revenues from your YouTube videos. There are other ways to get the free music apart from the methods mentioned above but trying out the methods mentioned above would surely help you out.