Google Meet: How to Host and Join a Meeting?

Google Meet is one of the best and secure ways of conducting a video meeting, supporting up to 250 people at a time. Google Meet is way more secured than Zoom. A new feature of Google meet is that you can automatically get live captions from your audio. This feature helps you understand what the presenter is saying even if you mute the audio.

If you don’t have any idea about hosting and joining a meeting on google meet. Do not worry about it. You can easily do it either from your computer using a web browser or mobile devices via Google meet mobile app.

Before you go for a meeting on Google Meet, there is a requirement you need to meet. The prerequisites for Google Meet are as below:

  • G Suite users must sign in to G Suite Account (If you already have a G Suite account).
  • Non-G Suite users (Using Google Meet with personal account) must have a google account.

Host a Meeting on Google Meet

Google Meet allows you to host a meeting in four variant ways. Cool! Isn’t it? You may choose an appropriate and easy method for you to host a meeting via Google Meet. Here, we have explained all four methods for you. You can learn it all from below.

Method 1. Host Meeting Directly via Browser

One can host a meeting in an easy and quick manner in Google Meet via any web browser. Hence, this lowers the burden to download any app like other meeting apps. To learn how to start a Google meeting directly via a web browser, follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Go to your web browser and enter You can use any web browser that you prefer. Such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.

google meet homepage
The homepage of Google Meet from where you can start or join a meeting.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Start a new meeting’ button. It is located on the left side of the center of the screen.

Step 3: Choose the google account which you want to use. This means you have to sign in to your Google account. You may not see this step if you are already signed in to your Google account for the browser you are using.

Step 4: Configure your audio or video settings. Click on the ‘Allow’ button to access the microphone and camera. You may click on ‘Dismiss’ if a dialogue box like below appears. If you select ‘Block’, you may not be able to join audio and display your video while in the meeting.

google meet audio video access
Allow Google Meet to access your audio and video.

Step 5: Then a screen like below appears. Here you can choose to allow your video and audio for the meeting. Click on the camera icon to enable/ disable your video. Similarly, click on the mic icon to mute/ unmute your microphone.

google meet start meeting via a web browser
Google Meet interface to start meeting via a web browser.

Step 6: Click on ‘Join now’ to start a meeting immediately. Right after you join, a message shows you the meeting details.

Step 7: Now, invite people to join the meeting with you. You can send it to other participants or add people manually using the ‘Add people’ button.

Invite and add other people to join the meeting
Invite and add other people to join the meeting with you.

Step 8: Add other people to the meeting. You can invite others by sending a link or meeting code to join the meeting. Guests will need to create or sign in to an existing Google account for the free version of Google Meet to join it.

  • Click ‘Copy joining info’ then paste into a messaging app to share meeting code. Then send it to your expected participants.
  • To invite via email, click ‘Add people’, enter the name or email address of whom you want to invite. Then click on ‘Send email’ at the bottom. The email imparts the meeting link and meeting id, password.
  • To invite through a phone, click ‘Add people’, select ‘Call’. Enter a phone number ( This feature is available only for G Suite users).
Note. If the meeting is conducted via a personal account then, only a creator can in-call invite someone.

Method 2. Start Meeting via Gmail on Google Meet

It’s very easy to start your meeting on Google Meet using your Gmail. You just need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Creating a new meeting for personal use you should firstly log in to your existing Google account. Or sign up for free if you don’t own a Google account already. For Business use just sign in to your G Suite account.

Step 2: Once you open your Gmail, check on the left-hand side of the page. You will see options like ‘Start a meeting’ and ‘Join a meeting’.

google meet host meeting via gmail
Select ‘Start a meeting’ to host a meeting on google meet via Gmail.

Step 4: To host a meeting, click on ‘Start a meeting’.

Step 5: Allow your camera and microphone to access it.

Step 6: Then click on ‘Join now’. You can invite participants to join from the pop-up that appears on the new screen.

Invite and add people to join the meeting
Invite and add people to join the meeting with you.

Step 7: Invite the participants. You can invite people to join your meeting in the following ways.

  • Click on ‘Add people’ to invite others. Enter the name or email address of whom you want to invite. Then click on ‘Send email’ at the bottom.
  • Or you can send the meeting link to participants. For that, click on ‘Copy joining info’ then paste it as a message. Then send it via messaging app or email.

In this way, you can start a video conference for personal or business purposes. If for business, we recommend you to log in to your business email id.

Method 3. Schedule a Meeting on Google Meet

Another way to start a google meet is to schedule a meeting. You can schedule a meeting on the decided date and time. This is how you can invite people to your meeting before you start the meeting. In the aforementioned methods, the host has to start a meeting then only can invite other people to join in. You should follow the following steps in order to schedule a Google meeting.

Step 1: Open your Google calendar or simply visit You can do it both from your phone or computer device. Click on the ‘Create’ button to create a new event.

Google meet schedule meeting via Google calendar
Schedule meeting for a Google Meet via Google Calendar.

Step 2: Click on ‘Add title’ to add a title of the meeting.

Step 3: Select a date and time to schedule when to start the meeting.

Step 4: Click on ‘Add Google Meet video conferencing’. This is a must-do if you are willing to host a video meeting on the scheduled date.

Google meet schedule meeting adjust settings
Adjust settings, date and time to schedule a Google meet. Click on ‘Add Google Meet video conferencing’.

Step 5: Invite participants to the meeting. Follow the below instructions to invite expected participants.

  • Click on ‘Add guests’ to add other people to participate in your video meeting.
  • Enter the name, phone number or email of people you want to invite.
  • You can invite others by sending a link or meeting code to join the meeting. Guests will need to create or sign in to existing Google account for the free version of Google Meet to join it.
  • To copy the meeting link, click on the icon resembled by overlapped rectangle boxes. Then paste it on messaging app or email and send it to people to invite.
Google meet: Copy the meeting link or add guests to invite people
Copy the meeting link or add guests to invite people to the scheduled meeting.

Step 6: Click on ‘Add description’ to add a description if necessary.

Step 7: Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button. Then a dialogue box pops up. Click on the ‘Send’ button to send invitation emails to google calendar guests. Else, dismiss it or choose ‘Don’t send’.

google meet schedule meeting send email
google meet schedule meeting send email

Finally, the meeting has been scheduled for a particular date and time.

Step 8: What to do next when scheduled time has arrived?

  • To start the meeting, click on the calendar events to see the details of the meeting.
  • Click on ‘Join with Google meet’.
  • Make sure you enable audio and video settings in microphone and cameras.
  • Then click on the ‘Join now’ button.

All these above-mentioned methods need not download or install any external apps. You need not download Google Meet app till now.

Method 4. Host Meeting via Google Meet App

google meet app
Download and install Google Meet app on your android or iOS device.

You can host a meeting on Google Meet via the phone app. Of course, you have to download and install the Google Meet app on your phone. Google Meet is up and running on both android and iOS. You can use google meet app on your phone and host a meeting using these steps:

Step 1: Download the Google meet app from the App Store for iOS devices or Play Store for Android devices.

Step 2: Install the app and hit on the app icon to get started.

Step 3: Enter your Gmail account.

Step 4: Now you can set the audio, video of your device. Tap the camera and microphone icon to set it on or off.

Step 5: Next, you can host a new meeting by tapping on the ‘+’ sign.

google meet invite from phone
Invite participants to your Google Meet from a phone app.

Step 6: Share the meeting link and invite participants. Simply, click on ‘Share’ and send to expected participants.

Step 7: Review the settings and continue with your meeting on Google Meet.

google meet details on phone
Google meet details, participants and chat on phone.
  • You can see all participants and can add others from the three-doted menu at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Chat’ button to send messages to all participants.
  • You can find navigation bar where you can find details of meetings.
  • Click on camera and microphone icons to turn it on or off.
  • You can click on ‘Add captions’ to add live captions based on the video.

Now you are in the meeting, waiting for other participants to join the meeting.

How to Sare Your Screen?

It is an obvious thing that you may have to share your screen. You can share your screen from the computer and mobile devices. You have to complete a screen sharing session with the below instructions. So that participants in the meeting will be able to see your screen.

  • Click on ‘Present now’. Tap or hover on your on-going meeting screen to get this option. For phone, tap on the three-dots at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select the screen you want to share with everyone. You can choose to share your entire screen, a window or a chrome tab.
  • Now, click on the ‘Share’ button.

In order to stop sharing your screen, you should go back to the meeting on Google Meet. And click on ‘Stop presenting’.

Things to know: If you want to see the full screen of other participants in the meeting then you can select and pin them.

Join the Meeting on Google Meet

Simply, for joining a meeting the admin or the host must send the meeting code to participants. The attendees must receive a meeting link or meeting id and password. From those credentials only, one can join the meeting. All the participants need to have a Gmail account indeed to join the meeting.

You can join the meeting on Google Meet using any of the following different methods.

Method 1. Join with the Meeting Link

You may have received the meeting link via a text message or email. Anyway, you must have a meeting link in order to join the meeting on Google Meet.

Step 1: Open the email or chat message with the meeting link.

Step 2: Tap on the meeting link.

Step 3: Then a new window for Google meet appears. Simply set to turn on or off your audio and video.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Join now’. You may need to wait till the host lets you in.

Google Meet interface to join the meeting
The Google Meet interface to join the meeting.

Method 2. Join from a Browser

You can join a meeting with google meet from a browser if you have a meeting code. Meeting code may be sent to you by the host.

Join a meeting on Google Meet from a browser by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the site in a browser. You may use any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. ) of your choice.

Step 2: Click on ‘Enter meeting code’ box and type the meeting code.

Step 3: Simply click on ‘Join’ or hit the enter key.

Note: Meeting code is the string of letters at the end of the meeting link provided by the host.

Method 3. Join from Gmail

You can easily participate in a meeting on Google Meet using your Gmail account. But for this, you need to know the meeting code of the meeting you want to attend. Then follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click ‘Join a meeting’ on the left side.

Step 3: Enter a meeting code or nickname (available to G Suite users) provided by the host.

Step 4: Click on ‘Join’. Adjust your audio and video, and again click on ‘Join now’.

You are allowed to join the meeting easily when the host lets you in.

Method 4. Join a meeting from Google Calendar Event

To join a meeting from Google calendar, find the scheduled meeting. Now, follow these steps to join the video meeting quickly:

Step 1: Select the scheduled event you want to join in a google calendar.

Step 2: Click ‘Join with Google Meet’.

Step 3: On the new window, adjust your audio and video. Then click on ‘Join now’.

The host will get notification about the new participants and will let you in.

Method 5. Join using a Phone number

You can only dial into the meeting with a phone only if the meeting is organized by a G Suite user. Indeed, only if administrators turn on the dial-in feature.

Step 1: Enter the phone number included in Google calendar event or meeting invitation.

Step 2: Enter the PIN and #.

Simplified in one single step. From the Google Meet or Calendar app, tap the phone number. Then the PIN is entered automatically.

Once the host gives permission only then the participants are allowed to participate in online video meetings.

To leave the meeting you can click on ‘Leave call’. If you don’t find this option then simply tap or hover on the meeting screen.