How To Delete E-mails In Mass From iPhone With One Step?

In every device, there may be a large number of unnecessary and not many important emails which can occur disturbance in your work such as emails from many different ad companies and random social sites. You may even feel irritated when you see the unnecessary mail in your inbox than important and it is even more irritating to delete all of them one by one so here we have decided to help you by providing this amazing idea to delete all of those unnecessary emails quickly in just one step including iPhone 4, 4s and more updated versions . To know more about the instructions to delete them in mass check it out down below.

You can try this method for any of your mailboxes whether it is Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, outlook and many other. You will just need to check about the device version cause here we providing you with the instructions to delete all the emails from the iOS device so in Android and other device like windows can be different so you can at least give a try and find out.

Easy Instructions to Delete Mails in a Mass

  • Go to your mail inbox by the login with your username or password or if you are already logged in then continue for the next step down below.
  • Tap on the ‘edit’ button which is available on the top right section of the main page.
  • You will find pages having different options then select first/ top on list mail from your mail list,
  • Press and hold the ‘Delete’/ ‘Move’ button available on the main menu bar on the top section by selecting the first mail
  • While you are still holding the delete/ move button, deselect the first email you selected previously,
  • Now release your finger from the screen and wait for few seconds to get a response to take the next step,
  • Now your email responder will ask you, where to put all those emails you just selected or will get a prompt as ‘Delete all’/ ‘Cancel’? ( As shown in the picture below)
Getting a prompt to take the action
  • To get trashed all of them, Select the trash/delete button as you wanted to get them all of them trashed, to get them trashed/ deleted you will need to choose ‘trash’ button as its destination
  • And now finally, you can delete all the moving emails from general to the trash folder in a click.

Conclusion: Mailbox needs to be clean and flexible to find important emails at the correct time. If there are unnecessary emails which can be covering your mailbox to make you harder to find your important mail at the correct time. It is a simple and the quickest way to delete uncountable and mass number of emails from your mailbox because it is really time-consuming and the boring thing to clean your mailbox in a short period of time. So we thought about your problem and decided that it would be an easier and less time-consuming way for you to delete them in mass and you don’t have to spend your time by deleting them one by one.