How To Factory Reset An Android Phone?

There is a number of reasons why you want to factory reset your android phone. Maybe you want a factory reset because your phone freezes slow down or have any software issues. Or you might be selling your phone, if that is the case then it is very important to factory reset your device. If you are performing a factory restart on your device due to some software or performance issues then it is your last hope. Performing a factory reset might solve your issues about sadly everything from your phone including contacts, messages, apps, and photos will be swiped away. This will give your phone a fresh start.

We recommend you to backup your data from your android phone that is necessary before performing a factory reset. You can copy the data into a PC or transfer them to another phone.

Here’s how to factory reset your Android phone.

Factory Reset from Settings Menu

The best and easiest way to factory reset your phone is from the settings menu. You don’t have to worry as almost all android phones have a factory reset option. It will vary slightly based on the phone you’re using. But once you’ve found the “backup and reset” menu, then everything is easy.

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Look for the Backup and reset option.
  3. After you find it, then tap factory reset.
  4. After you tap factory reset it will ask you to enter your password to proceed. Enter your password.
  5. Then tap erase everything.
  6. Once that is done, select the option to reboot your phone.
  7. Your phone will be rebooted.
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Factory Reset Your Phone via Recovery Mode

If your Android device is not booting up and is so messed up that you can’t access to settings menu then you can factory reset your phone like an expert. This is a high-level task that can be performed when there’s a malfunction that’s preventing the device from booting up. This is an easy method which can be performed by anyone but before you proceed further let me tell you about a feature called Factory Reset Protection introduced by google.

This feature makes sure that no one else can actually factory reset your stolen or misplaced device and start using it as they own it. This feature runs on all android phones running Lollipop and above. After you perform a factory reset you will be asked to sign in to the Google account linked with the device. If you fail to enter the email ID and password you won’t be able to proceed further. So make sure that you know the email ID and password before continuing so you won’t have to face any trouble logging back into the device.

Follow these steps in order to perform a factory reset on your android phone via recovery:

  1. Switch off your smartphone.
  2. Hold the power and volume down buttons together until the phone turns on.
  3. After the phone starts you will see the start and an arrow. Here you use the Volume buttons to scroll and the Power button to select an option.
  4. Press the Volume down button until you’ve highlighted Recovery Mode.
  5. Now press the Power button to start recovery mode. You should see an Android robot now.
  6. When your phone reloads, you should see a screen that says “No command” with an Android robot in distress. Press and hold the power and volume up buttons together to load the recovery mode.
  7. You can use the volume buttons to select the option that says Wipe data/factory reset.
  8. Then press the Power button to select it.
  9. Press Yes on the confirmation prompt to proceed with the factory reset.
  10. Once the reset is complete, you will be bounced back to the same recovery mode menu. Press the Power button to select Reboot system now.

After you’ve done these steps your phone will power on and be reset to its factory settings. When you will turn your phone on, you have to go through the initial setup process as you went through when you brought it brand new. After you’ve completed the initial process your phone will be ready to use. Now you can recover all the data from where you had backed up.

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These were the two methods by which you can perform a factory reset and solve the software issues of your phone. At last, I would like to again remind you that if you are performing a factory reset via recovery mode then please make sure you know the email and password of the Google account linked to the device, and if you are about to sell your phone make sure you remove the google account from your phone.

I hope this guide helped you and now you have a clear idea on how to factory reset your phone. If there is any another method to factory reset your phone then please share with us in the comments section below. We would be really glad to hear it from you.