How To Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

That moment when you drop your phone into the water, the times stops, heart starts beating faster and your eyes open wide. Most of us have been in this situation at least once in our life. No matter if you dropped it in the toilet, pool or spilled a glass of water over it, the fact is it can’t be unless you are using some expensive waterproof smartphone.The first thing you need to do is stop panicking. In the situation like that if you act carelessly then you might damage your device permanently. Don’t just take it out of the water and try to turn it on or tap the buttons. In today’s guide i will be showing you how you can save your water damaged phone and make it work like before.

Remove Your Phone From The Water

I know how difficult it is to see your device fall into water which you paid hundreds of dollars. But instead of just staring at it and regretting for it, you need to react quickly and remove your phone from the water. It can be hard to recover your device if it stays in the water for a long time. The more it stays in the water, the lower are the chances of fixing it. Every seconds count here. So you need to quickly get your phone out of the water no matter if it’s in the toilet.

Turn The Phone Off

As you take your phone out of the water you need to turn it off. Even if it seems fine and is working shut it down as soon as possible. You can remove its battery and keep them in a safe place, preferably on a flat surface over a paper or towel. Do not press on any other buttons, and be sure to handle the phone delicately.

Disassemble The Water Damaged Phone

By disassemble i don’t mean to open up each and every part of the phone. What i actually mean is that you should remove everything that is user-removable. If the back cover of your phone is removable, take it off. Similarly, remove your battery, if it can be removed. Also don’t forget the SIM card and SD card. Take all these items out of your smart phone and place them in the paper towel.

Dry your phone and battery with a dry cloth

After you’ve disassembled everything that is user-removable from your phone, use a dry cloth to dry all the components. Carefully drying the phone and battery can prevent damage to your phone. Make sure the cloth you’re using is dry and clean. Be careful while you dry the phone and battery as pushing the cloth into the phone’s ports can risk pushing the water further into the phone or getting the cloth stuck, which also could damage your phone.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Just using dry cloth to dry your phone won’t be enough because there are places where the cloth can’t reach. As blowing anything into the phone can cause more damage the best thing to do would be sucking the water out of the phone. You can use a vacuum cleaner to carefully suck out water stuck from the cracks that are harder to get at. Vacuum cleaner will suck most of the stuck water from the phone and this method is not very risky. But when you use vacuum cleaner on your phone make sure that all the removable items such as battery, SIM card, SD card are removed from the phone.

Bury The Phone In A  Bag Full Of Uncooked Rice

Now this is the most cheap, easy and time consuming fix for your water damaged phone. Stuffing your phone in a bag of dry rice, and letting it sit for 24 to 36 hours or more can do the trick. As rice is known as the best water observer it will absorb all the water stuck in your phone if kept for a long period of time. This also means you can’t use or touch your smartphone for next 24 to 36 hours. With a positive of fixing your water damaged phone this method also has some negative points. After you stuff your phone in a bag full of rice for 1-2 days it will leave you with pieces of rice stuck in the ports of your phone. They can also scratch your screen and back cover. To prevent this wrap your phone with a paper towel or put your phone in a plastic bag and stuff it into the bag of rice.


If you follow these tips there is a high chance that you will able to save your phone and get it fixed. These are all the methods we can do to get the water damaged phone fix. If all these methods didn’t work then you might need to go to a professional to fix it. I hope any one method from above worked and you managed to fix your phone. If you’ve got any more tips to get water damaged phone fix then please let us know in the comment section below as we would love to hear it from you.