How To Fix Headphone Jack That is Not Working?

Found out that your headphone jack is not working? That’s really frustrating, isn’t it? Specially if listening to music comes in your daily routine. The headphone jack problem are not so new as they are seen in most of the phones specially low budget android phones. The most frustrating part is to find out what is the problem and where it is originated from. You might be wondering if the problem is your headphone or headphone jack. If you use headphone on regular basis then you might want to get fixed as soon as possible. Don’t worry we have some working methods which will help you troubleshoot your issue and fix your not working headphone jack. Let’s get started.

Make Sure Your Headphones Are Working Fine

I guess you know what is first thing you need to do. Before trying anything else, first see if your headphones are not broken and properly working. There might be chance that your headphones are the problem and there is nothing wrong with your device. The quickest and easiest way to check your headphone is to plug them into another device. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Android device, any device like TV, laptop with a 3.5 mm jack will do the job. If your headphones don’t work on the other devices you tried on then you’ve found the real problem. Just get yourself new pair of headphones then you’re ready to follow your musical routine. If your headphones work completely fine when plugged into another device then your headphones are not the problem and something else is to be blamed. I also recommend you to plug a different pair of headphones into your smartphone before taking any step forward. If you hear any audio out of the new pair, there’s a high chance the first pair isn’t compatible with your Android device. This is very rare but your original pair might not be compatible with your smartphone, even if they work with other devices.

Clean The Headphone Jack

Do you keep your phone on your jeans or bags? there is high chance that any dust or lint have made their way to your headphone jack. The dust that is inside your smartphone might be blocking the connections between the headphones and the jack. You will need to clean the headphone jack but first look how much dirt is there. Start by lighting up a flashlight and take a close look into the jack for any evidence of dirt. First try to remove the dirt by gently blowing into the headphone jack. Blow gently or else you might push the dirt more inside. If this doesn’t work using toothpick, pin or a needle and slowly swirl it around the jack. Do it carefully as you can damage your device using the sharp objects. Once you’re done, use the flashlight to look into the jack again and see how well you did. If you managed to take some dirt out of the jack, plug in your headphones to check if it  works now.

Turn Off Bluetooth

If your smartphone is connected to other device via Bluetooth like wireless headphones, a speaker, or any other device your headphone jack wont work. Normally when you plug headphones in your smartphone, it should recognize them and everything should work as intended regardless of the Bluetooth settings. However, this isn’t same in all the case. Since Android is diverse and highly fragmented, the behavior is altered across different manufacturers and Android versions. It is very easy to fix it as all you need to do is go to settings>Bluetooth and see if it is turned on. If it is turned on then check if it is paired with any other device. If you see your device paired with another device than unpair the connection and turn off the Bluetooth. After you’ve turned off the Bluetooth, plug in your headphones and check if this trick worked. If this trick worked you found your solution.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can be the solution to every problem your phone consists. But its not guaranteed that it works every time. Restarting your device can solve your headphone jack problem as well so give it a shot. Turn off your device and wait for 10-20 seconds, then turn it on again. Restarting your device will refresh your device and fix some software problems. After you turn on your device plug your headphones and check if you can hear any audio. If you can hear the audio you’ve fixed the problem.

Check Your Audio Settings

There might be a chance that the problem is in your audio settings not in your headphones or the headphone jack. Some up and down in the audio setting may be causing the the problem. If this is the case you need to sort out the problem which is really easy to do. Open up the audio settings in your device and look what might be causing the problem. Check the volume level of your device and see if you’ve muted it. Turn up your volume level and unmute the sound if you have muted it. The audio settings are not to complex so you will easily find out the problem if it is caused by the audio settings. After you are done with the fixes plug in your headphones and see if it is working.


These are some of the methods by which you will be able to fix your headphone jack problem. If these fixes don’t work then the problem might not be a minor one and you may need to visit repair shop. If you know any more fixes and think that we have missed out some important one then please let us know in the comment section below.