How To Expertise Pub G Playing | Win Pub G Now !!

Ever seen a chicken dinner so important in a mobile game? chicken dinner is the reward awarded to the PUBG game winner.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds popularly known as PUBG was developed by Bluehole Studio Inc. PUBG is the hottest multiplayer mobile game in the world right now. PUBG is a online game where 100 players are thrown into an open world island where their ultimate goal is to be the last person standing. You will have access to a number of weapons and vehicles to choose which you’ll be using to traverse your way around to different houses in order to loot them. Finding weapons, loots and opponents in the large island is what gives the players immense fun and excitement. You can choose between male and female character to play the game and need to earn points while playing the game in order to buy different clothing materials for your character to stand out from others. This game is easy to learn but hard to master.

If you’re just getting into PUBG on mobile, a regular player or even a pro gamer looking for some tips to get chicken dinner then you’re in the exact place you should be in. I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that will help you bag regular chicken dinners.

Perfect Landing

The starting of the game is more crucial then you think. Choosing your drop location plays a huge part in your campaign. As you jump of the plane plan your landing, the bird eye view from the top will help you identify the area you want to kick-start your game from. Decide a location which has transportation and buildings. You also need to keep an eye on your opponents and see where they are landing. This will give you an idea where you should land and start some distance from the others.

Turn Up Your Volume

PUBG really has a amazing sound design which helps players to listen to each and every sound details in the game. Most of the players use headphones to listen the game’s sound effect in a high quality but the audio effect called panning can tell you the location of another player which you will  hear footsteps in the left or right ear only. So instead of using headphones i suggest you to turn up your volume on your phone speakers to a comfortable level. You can heard sounds of your opponents footsteps, crouching and different movements. Hearing the other players footsteps before spotting them can help you win games.

Smart Looting

Loot is a key element of the PUBG, if you want to stay equipped for battle. Getting weapon is the top priority if you want to survive till end. Grab whatever you find and use it  like shotguns, crossbows, anything to give yourself a fighting chance. Tear through buildings quickly picking what you need and discarding what you don’t. Keep doors to buildings closed behind you, move systematically between buildings making sure you do not miss a room. Go through windows and  leave the doors closed so other players will not be aware about your presence. Auto picking can be a great help as it picks up the right attachments and ammo for your weapon and also automatically equipping them. Keep in mind all the resources and weapons you need and keep searching till you find them but don’t spend too long time doing it.

Get The Right Weapon

Get the right weapon that works for you. Always make sure that you have a combination of long distance and close range guns. It is important when you get to top 50, the circle is going to start enclosing much faster, so possible opponents are going to be closer by. The new update comes with an armory that shows the stats of every weapon in the game. You can also check the effectiveness of different attachments such as scopes, extended mags, stocks and muzzles. Get a pan as well. It can prove to be really handy. Don’t forget to pickup the bandages as it will save your first aid. 3-4 bandages will be sufficient. Grenades may not seem so important to many of the players but always be stocked up on grenades, because they kill disable enemy sight, movement, or if you’re lucky then even kill them.

A reliable vehicle

Vehicles play an important part role in this game. Vehicles provide much more protection when you’re ducked beside one than riding in one. Plus the new update now allows tire damage from bullets which can render your vehicle immobile. Probably you also shouldn’t stick your head out of the car for any reason  because you can get  hit and knock out. If you land in the middle of the white circle, you don’t need one, but it’s always nice so you can more efficiently loot the middle.

Final Stages (Top 10)

Now this is when your heart starts to run faster and you need to be more careful and alert then you’ve been throughout the game. The circle will be no more than 30-50 meters wide. Move slowly and purposefully using the eye tool to check your six and flanks. Remember to keep burning those meds so you are always ready, make sure every gun is on auto fire and switch any scopes with sights for close quarter combat and most importantly remember to reload.

That’s it! With these tips keeping in mind you are now set to win. Of course you can’t be a pro gamer overnight as you will need to keep playing. I suggest you to keep playing and concentrate fully until the game ends. That is how you will learn and develop different skills and techniques. I hope you found this article useful. Enjoy the game and bring the chicken dinner home.

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