How to Prepare Presentation With Google Slides?

Presentation needs to be clean, creative and complete with full information to make an effective good impression on others. So Google has made this feature for those students, business companies, employees and other people who need to prepare a presentation by adding different features and creative ideas to make it look cool. You can prepare amazing slide/ Presentation with Google Slides with the Google account, because it is one of the action of Google.

How to prepare?

1. Open Google Drive: Open Google drive with the help of Google account/ID if you don’t have then you will have to create one, so to create Google account click here. If you don’t know the instructions to open an account then click here.
Now, with your Google ID, log in Google’s official website and choose Google Drive among various other actions. After opening Google drive Click on colourful ‘+ New‘ sign to find Google slide. Inside of that sign, you can also find Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Click on the ‘New’ button to find Google Slide

After finding Google Slides you may find the arrow sign showing rightward. Click on that sign and choose your presentation style either a blank one in which you may put your creativity or you can also choose Google’s free readymade templates to prepare your any kind of presentaion by the category.

Choose the presentation format

2. Here in this step, you can change the name of ‘untitled presentation’ with the name of your presentation. This is because you may get confused among your other different presentation so rename it as per your requirement.

Rename your presentation

3. Add the title and subtitle before preparing the slide presentation. You need to click on the ‘Click to add title‘ to add your slide’s title. Add the title of your slide which is about your presentation especially. This front page will be shown at first. So make it attractive and attention-grabbing.

Add title and sub-title

4. Add theme and background on your presentation. You can add the theme colour and picture as whatever you want to make your presentation look good. Choose colours from the red signed circle sign by choosing. To put the theme you need to click on ‘choose image’ and choose the images from your computer and click on Add a theme to put it as a theme and click on ‘Done’.

Choose background and theme of the presentation

5. To add different shaped signs on the home and any other pages you need to click on signs button available on the front menu page and there you can choose signs as per your requirement. Here in the picture given below, we have put the sign to decorate our front page with the Black decorative sign. These signs won’t be in any colour but you can fill up any colour from the help of colour fillup sign.

Choose shapes and signs as per requirement

6. To add the new page after completing the editing actions on the front page of your presentation you will need to add the next page to fill up information. So to do this you will have to click on thumbnails available on the left side of the page, in there you can find the list of previous pages you edited earlier. To create second-page click enter by being on the first page. Just like that being on the second-page click enter to create the third page.

To create new page click on previous existing page

7. There can be such a situation where you would want to edit and create slides offline. So for this flexibility, click on make available offline once and it will be available so you can edit it without the internet. After making it available offline you will get notification of its confirmation.
To download it on your device, click on ‘download as’ button and choose the format as per your requirement or on which you want your presentation to be downloaded to perform. All these functions can be found in the ‘File’ menu available on the top left side of the page.

Choose the options to download format

There are so many useful tools and options to make your experience of using Google slides amazing. These tools will make your presentation, professional in look and qualitied in quality. So check out all the menu button to make sure if you missed something to insert.

8. Publish on Web: This is also one the amazing feature of Google Slide, if you own any valid website, Vlog or your organization’s official site then you can directly publish your presentation by verifying. To do this work you will need to add its link and provision.

Add details and click on Publish

After finishing making slide/ presentation, it needs to be shared and perform so here are some options to make it complete.

  1. In this presentation, you can also add comments on each page by clicking the comment sign available on the right-hand side of the page. Which is also symbolized as ‘1’ in the picture given below.
  2. After finishing your editing activities to create your presentation, you will need to press in ‘present‘ with play sign with it, to view your presentation. It will show in slide version so you can get its view, that how does it look when performing or when it gets completed, which is also shown below as number ‘2’.
  3. With the present button, you can also see the ‘share’ button with a lock sign, which is also shown by ‘3′. With its help, you can share your beautifully created presentation with your desired contacts with their valid e-mail ID.
Choose option gradually

Your presentation reflects your skills, it can be too good with the full information and creativity and bad as per your skills and knowledge so if you wish to know more about how to put as much as creativity as per requirement you will have to check out the website as your self. To do this, Google Slide has provided so many features and tools to make you satisfied. So to take the full advantage of Google Slides, you will have to check out the available arrangement tools and many more options.