How to Share Files From Google Drive? PC| iOS| Android

Google Drive is the online storage program of Google, we can also say that Google Drive is an amazingly effective action of Google to store files online and even share it with the other Google Drive users or the desired contacts as per your requirements. Google Drive has 15 GB storage, where you can store files in sheets, word, slides and drawings and notes many other more formats.
It is very easy to share your readymade files which can be on any format as mentioned above with other Google Drive users. So check out the instructions to share files from Google drive.

Super Easy Steps To Share Your Files From PC|iOS|Android

Here suppose you are using PC at your work and you need to share your official large files which also can not be sent in emails with your colleagues then you can simply share them with your desired contact just using their email address via the link. After sharing the files they also can edit and add comments if you want them to, Or if you want them just to view the file then you can make the change in ‘setting’ and just allow them to view but not to make any changes.
From iOS and Android, you will need to get an app installed in your phone otherwise you can use Google Drive from the browser as well.

Step 1: Login the Google with your Google account, if you don’t have Google account then click here to create one.

Step 2: After creating a Google account, open Google Drive which is on the action list of Google. You can even find them by clicking on 9 dots on a square-shaped button on the right top side of the page. If you don’t find it then directly search an official Google Drive.

Find the Google actions

Step 3: Click on My drive located on the left-hand side of the page, or you can even find your required file in the recent list of the main homepage of your Google drive.

Step 4: Select your file and double tap on it to open, after opening your file you can see the ‘Share’ button on the right-hand side of your file, which is for sharing. Tap on that button to share the file.

Click on Green Colored share button to start sharing files

In some cases or formats, you can not find the share button in the first page or in the page your sharable file is recorded, because in Google Drive we save many types of files which can be Google docs, photos, slides and many more in there so per the files if you can not find the share button, in this case, happens basically for PDF files after then, so if you got this and not finding the share button then click on 3 dots available on the right side of the page and find the share button on the top of the list. Tap on it to share your file.

Find the Share button in the list

Step 5: Now you can enter the email address of the file receiver and here if you want to share the files with multiple users then you can add multiple email addresses to send the single file at the single moment to the various receiver. After adding emails click on ‘Done’.

Enter the email address of Receiver

Step 6: While sharing files you can also add notes with each file. Sometimes it’s necessary to add some details with the notes but not within the files so in this case, you can add notes while sharing files so that they (receivers) can check it out. To add notes, just right after adding the email address on the box another box to add notes will appear on the same page. After adding email address and notes click on done.

In Conclusion: Google drive has a very easy method to operate and somehow if you find the problems to do your work with the app then you can contact to its official website and click on help to get helped to know every instruction.
Google drive will surely save storage from your devices because it has up to 15GB storage which can even be upgraded as per your needs and requirement and make you feel easy to share those files as well which is a double bonus for its users.