SHAREit – How to use SHAREit to transfer files in Android & iOS!

Are you having problem in understanding and using SHAREit? Here is a tutorial  about SHAREit for you. Enjoy it !

SHAREit is an application to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and any other files. SHAREit application allows Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices to transfer files directly. Lets see how to share files in both Android and iOS. Before we begin the tutorial, you need to have SHAREit downloaded in your phone.

For iPhone, you can download it from App Store.Open App Store, search for SHAREit in the search bar and download it by clicking on GET button and by using your Apple ID.

For Android, you can download it from Google Play. Open Play Store, search for SHAREit in the search bar and install it.

How to Share files using SHAREit between two android device?

You need to on the Bluetooth of both the sender and receiver android device.First of all launch SHAREit, you will be taken to the homepage of SHAREit where there will be two basic options available on every android device i.e. Send and Receive. When you click on Send button a wide variety of options appear on the top of the screen. You can share Files, Videos, Apps, Photos and  Music as shown in picture below from one phone to another.

Now open SHAREit in both the android devices between which you want to share the documents, files, photos, apps or videos.

  1. Click on Send option.
  2. Select the files or photos you want to send and click on send.
  3. SHAREit would now search for the online devices. On the receiver android device, click on the “Receive ” option. Now, the receiver device’s name should be visible on the sender device’s share it screen.
  4. Tap on the name of the receiver device. The selected files will be sent from the sender android device to the receiver android device.


Note: On the receiver side you need to click on the Receive option. You should have the Bluetooth on your mobile turned on.

Share Files using SHAREit between an Android device and iOS device?

Sharing of file between an android device and iOS device is not same as the process of sharing files between two android devices. As the software android and iOS differs from each other, they cannot connect over Bluetooth. We need to make the two phones connect via hotspot. Follow the following steps to share files between iPhone and android using SHAREit:

  1. Open SHAREit on both the sender and receiver phones.
  2. On the sender device click on Send and select the files you want to send. Finally click on Send option.
  3. Now, SHAREit starts searching for the online android devices. On the bottom of the screen, there are two options which are: “Connect to iOS/WP” and “CONNECT PC”. You have to select the first option that is, “Connect to iOS/WP”.
  4. Now, you will be given the instructions to follow in a dialog box in order to connect iPhone to the android phone. Read the instructions carefully and follow them.
  5. You need to turn on hotspot on some android devices and in some android devices, the hotspot is automatically generated.
  6. On you iPhone, go to settings>> turn on the Wifi>> find the generated hotspot of the sender or receiver android device and connect to it.
  7. Once you are connected to the hotspot, now the selected files will be transferred between the android and iOS devices.


As shown in the figure aside, the network is not being initialized and only Initializing appears on the screen. You may also face this kind of problem. Here, the problem appears because the hotspot of your mobile is not turned on. Go to settings and turn the hotspot on as directed by the picture below:





























Now, on the receiver phone that is, iPhone in this case, you need to go the Settings and connect to the hotspot initialized by the sender android device as shown in the figure below. As soon as the iPhone connects with the android device, the selected files or documents or photos whatever it is, get shared from the android to the iPhone as shown below.


How to Share files using SHAREit between an Android device and PC?

You can even connect your phone and your PC via SHAREit. After you have selected the files you want to share with the PC and hit send, select “Connect PC” . Follow the following steps:

Step 1. Connect up your Mobile Phone and PC

You need to connect both PC and mobile phone to the same local Wi-FI network and run the SHAREit software on computer side, click to display the QR code. Run SHAREit app on your mobile phone, tap to open the main menu, choose Connect to PC >> Scan to connect, then scan the QR code displayed in SHAREit for Windows using your mobile phone. Your PC and mobile phone will be connected instantly after that.
scan to connect mobile phone to pc in shareit

Step 2. Share files between Mobile phones and PC

First, download and install SHAREit on your computer. Then run the app on your PC, a home screen like shown below will be visible to you.
shareit for pc home screen

So, the files will be shared from phone to PC and vice-versa.

These are the ways to use SHAREit in android, iOS and PC and share the files in a fast, easy and simple way.