iTunes: Method Of Use and Its Benefits and Drawbacks

iTunes, the free software that helps you to manage the media like songs and videos that are developed for Apple and Windows Operating Systems. It is developed and designed by the Apple but one can install and use by downloading songs from iTunes in the Windows.

iTunes can be used in iPhones, iPad and in other iDevices. iTunes allows access to manage to organize, get a copy of the music or songs directly to your iTunes Library or directly by the music from the Apple iTunes Store. It can help you to transfer the downloaded songs to any of your Apple devices on the same network.

How Can You Use iTunes From Your iPhone?

Go to the iTunes app on your iPhone and tap on the ‘Music’ to browse music. You will see the tabs like New Releases, Top Tens and Genres. Select on one of them. The new release is the new songs which are recently released, top tens show you the top ten list of the songs of the week and the genres show you the specific genres of music you would like to listen to. On the bottom menu, you can see a ‘search box’ that helps you search for media like songs videos, musics, TV shows etc. On the Genius icon, you can see the recommendations for your music you listen to. You get similar contents if it is turned on. On the download button, you can download available free songs, videos, and music. But some contents are required to be purchased. The ‘Buy’ button helps to purchase through the iTunes Store and that can be easily accessed any time.

How To Use iTunes From A Computer?

iTunes for Macintosh:

First of all, before using iTunes on the computer you have to create an account on iTunes. You can use iTunes from many Apple devices except Apple. So it is not compulsory to have iPhone devices to connect to iTunes because iTunes is available on Windows, Mac, Apple iOS devices.

First of all, search for the iTunes website using any search engine from the web. At the top left corner of the page of iTunes, you will see different tabs, among them on the ‘Account’ tab select on the ‘Sign In’. At the bottom, select on Create a New Apple ID.

Now enter your email address and password. Tick the mark on the terms and conditions and Continue to proceed. On the next section you are required to add the basic information like name, Birthdays, and some the security questions for your password recovery if you forget your password.

Here you can tick mark to subscribe to the Apple Emails where you will receive the latest news, services, products etc. by Apple. Then you have to add the payment details. Payment details are required if you purchase anything from the Apple Store. It includes the credit card’s different types and its details. In the same way, add the billing address that is been registered on your credit card then select ‘Continue’.

Similarly, you have to add up your Apple ID to get started with the iTunes on the Windows too.

iTunes For The Windows:

You will need to go to the Microsoft Store app and then search for iTunes. You can markup if you want to receive emails by Apples for that you can add up an Email or just leave without marking up. Then on the bottom of the page select on ‘Download Now’. Then you will get a notification asking permission to run a file then select on ‘Run’. After that, you can choose and mark whether you want to add a shortcut of iTunes on your website or the set iTunes as the default audio player. You also can choose the language as you prefer to use. Then after choosing the location of the folder you want to add, click on the Install button.
After the installation, since you already have created an Apple ID or iTunes account. Now you can import CDs to your iTunes Library. The import of CDs will help you convert CDs into MP3.

Add Musics from your computer to your iPhone:

First of all, you have to connect your phone to your computer through USB cable. Then go to the iTunes and select the song or the music file you want to add to your iPhone. The songs should be downloaded to your iTunes library. Then find your device to the left column and then drag the music file to your iPhone. Now you can listen to the playlist even on your iPhone.

iTunes and its Sync Services:

Syncing iTunes and any devices helps to save up your files, medias and contents. ITunes can help you sync albums, songs , playlists, movies TV shows photos, vedios, contacts and many more.

First of all open iTunes and connect it to your computer using USB that your device support. At the top right corner, you will see an iPhone icon. Click to it and choose the contents you like to sync. Among the contents like music, videos etc tick mark on them you like to sync. Then click to the Apply button at the lower right corner of the screen. Now the syncing process starts. If not then manually click on the sync button.

In order to sync your device with Wi-Fi you just have to open the iTunes app from your computer. Click on the device icon. On the left side of the iTunes Windows, select on Summary button. Then select on ‘Sync this device over Wi-Fi’ and click on Apply.

Benefits/ Advantages Of Using iTunes

  • It is a little less expensive compared to other forms of music apps. It is completely free so it helps you to have easy access to the media. It is the single place in all the genres of music and videos. It has the service for a music subscription. Since iTunes is created especially for the Apple devices. It also can be used smoothly on the iOS devices and be connected to easily and rather more convenient.
  • iTunes has access to many business podcasts and business classes through iTunes U education app and business books and business audiobooks through iTunes bookstore.
  • You can access iTunes from Android devices too. Since the newest version of iTunes that can be used in the windows PCs, iTunes has made the Apple music available in Androids too. All the music and Videos can be downloaded and streamed easily. On the ‘Try it today’ you can stream many songs you like.
  • It is ad-free. The paid version or the trial version of iTunes does not include any ads in the iTunes. So you can listen to more than 50 million songs without any ads.
  • It is one of the best features of iTunes is that you can have the facility of offline listening. The paid subscribers of iTunes can listen to the downloaded songs and albums from any place at any time.

Drawbacks of iTunes:

  • Most of the users of iTunes are not satisfied with its performance. After the installation of iTunes music in the windows PCs it takes a lot of time to load stuff.
  • iTunes takes a lot of space in the disk drive of your computer. It is so annoying that with every update, it takes up the extra space of RAM.
  • If the music and the contents you have purchased might be lost or deleted by some reasons then you will no have any option rather purchase again. All your money can be get dumped in no matter of seconds.
  • The computer must be authorised and should be done every year. iTunes allows you to authorise up to 5 devices and only one iPod per computer. So the feature of authorisation is limited to some of the users who have multiple Apple devices.

Since everything has its own good and bad parts but we can see that most of the drawbacks are seen by the use of iTunes on the windows. So the problems are not much seen if used in the Apple devices like machintosh, iPods and iPhones.

Hence, iTunes is commonly used worldwide. It has a wide variety of services and is fast and easy to use. So due to its incomparable features and with a little drawbacks too, billions of users have the trust on iTunes and still, people are using iTunes on a daily basis.