Microsoft Office App for Smartphones: Launched finally

Microsoft office app for android preview

The Microsoft’s all-in-one Office app announced in November 2019 is now released. It is now globally available for anyone using an Android or iOS phone. After a few months of beta testing of the Office app. The Office app comes with an integrated Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This app acts as an astonishing and very handy folder as it contains all your Office software. Once you install this app and sign up through your account you can access documents on your computer.

The office app comes with all three apps, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint built-in Office app. It comes with a new capability that adds fuel to the distinctive strength of a phone. This helps to create a simpler and more powerful handy Office experience on the go. No matter how you prefer to use this, either for a personal reason or for professional reason. This Office app, designed to be your go-to app for getting your work done on your Smartphone. It is one place for all your files and notes.

Let’s spare some time to learn about some key features of Office app:

  • It has built-in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So provides remote access to your documents on your computer when connected to the cloud.
  • Users can have access to create a word document, edit that and work together on  Office with others. This can happen in real-time once signed by Microsoft Account.
  • Microsoft Office provides Built-in templates that are free to access to all users. It creates ease for preparing a presentation file and other useful documents.
  • This app makes easy for the user to store, access and search for word documents stored in the cloud by signing in.
Microsoft office app key features...
Key Microsoft office app features

Now let’s be more specific and talk about some new features that the New Smartphone app brings.

  •  Office app manages all the functionality of the earlier available document mobile apps. Yet it requires less phone storage than using three separate apps.
  • Integrating Office Lens feature. It helps to make a digital copy of your word document and turn it to an editable Word file. With a press of image to Text button and transform a picture of a table into an Excel spreadsheet and use it to work with your data from your phone.
  • The Office also has a further section with unique features. With a one-tap alternative for signing a PDF with hand and converting a Word document into a PDFs. 
  • Through the use of this app, you can sign on your PDF and fill forms and your PDF very in a convenient way.
  • Office app is of great help in creating PDFs. From Photos or Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents we can create a PDF.
  • The office app has an Action section. It offers a few more shortcuts to users and great tools that help users to work more. These are among very useful tools that users might not know to exist. Few may have problem finding inside their favorite Office apps.
  • Office 365 team has also embedded a couple of new features. Such as sharing files to a nearby phone and also feature to share documents via. Links and email, where the sender can be specific if he/she wants the receiver to edit or only view the document.
  • Feature of Scanning QR code and surfing through that link.
  • Additionally, the app includes a new Actions tab. This helps to perform many mobile tasks without needing to switch between apps.

What’s more for the Next update?

That’s all for this first version of the Office app, but Microsoft Corporation is not stopping here. Microsoft Corporation promises to add some features on their next update. It enriches the Office mobile experience which helps the user to use this app in a more efficient manner.
Let’s have a look at them too. 

  • Excel Card view: This enables mobile users to view and edit data of excel table row in a card format in a simple way.
  • PowerPoint Designer: This upcoming feature helps to write presentation content in a simpler form. With proper styling and formatting, the PowerPoint Designer turns it into presentable slides.
  • Word Dictation: This feature helps you to convert your voice into words. Use voice command and simple toolbars to apply the right formatting and punctuation.

Anyone can have access to the Office app on phones and is free to use even if the user doesn’t want to sign in. Yet, signing in with a Microsoft Account will help you access and store documents in the cloud. Additionally, the subscription of Microsoft or Office will unlock various premium features. It consistent with those in the current Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Download the Office app for your phone today. Get benefited with an easy way to organize your work and make things happen for home, school or office.

Requirements for installing this app in your Android Device: OS version: Last 4 major versions of Android running an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor 1 GB RAM or above.

Requirements for installing this app in your iOS device: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. The new office app is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Microsoft Corporation provides this app.
If you’re interested in using the all-new Office app, kindly click on the links given below.
Download for Android|Download for iOS

Please refer to Microsoft’s End Users License Agreement. Terms of Service for Office on Android ais mentioned there.
You agree to these terms and conditions by installing the app:


The idea of launching the Microsoft Office app for both android and ios devices might have sound awkward a decade ago. But with the increasing demand for people to use Microsoft products on devices of their choice has made the impossible possible.

It is indeed helpful to access the Microsoft Office pack in any of the devices of your choice and not just devices operating with windows platform. This makes office work easy and efficient. The success of the product, however, is yet to be seen and will play a significant role in future collaboration across platforms.