Microsoft Paint: Tips and Techniques

Microsoft Paint or Ms paint, it is the basis graphic utility program of the windows. The first version of Paint was introduced in 1985 A.D for windows 1.0. However, it is the most used application of windows. It is mainly for drawing but there are a number of things we can do with it. It is widely used for the edition of any image. It accepts images on BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG format. It natively saves the image on BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG format.

Microsoft added Paint for its simplicity, which will help users to use the paint with colourful texture, Paint was on grey texture back then. In windows, 10 paint can be found on the start menu .if not found, the user can search in Run by typing ‘Paint. Paint has added so many features for the edition of an image. The user can do a lot with Ms Paint. Some amazing uses of Paint are as follows:

Main Uses Of Microsoft Paint

  1. Drawing
  2. Importing saved images from computer and import from digital cameras to do different things with Microsoft Paint.
  3. Crop, resize, adding texts, graphics, rotate
  4. Erasing
  5. Drawing line and shapes
  6. Zooming in/ Zooming out
  7. Setting pictures as a desktop background
  8. Making custom brushes where we can change our brush size

Instructions To Use Microsoft Paint

1. Click on the start menu: From the desktop, clicking in the start menu is the first step to get started or you can even type ‘Paint‘ directly on search programs and files to find it.

Type Paint in the search bar

2. If you can not find paint from the search results then click on All programs just right up the search bar.

3. After clicking on all programs accessories click on Paint.
4. Paint

5. In the first page, in the taskbar, we can see the ‘Home‘ menu and the ‘View‘ menu. Left side from the ‘Home‘ button we can see the button using ‘File‘ sign as above. We can click on the ‘New‘ button to create the new blank page or file to draw and edit any image. The completed file can be saved by any word for the future. Till then our file will be named as ‘Untitled Paint

6. From the ‘Open‘ button we can import the image from ‘Open The Files‘ from our desktop or any disk to edit and we can find the files we saved previously on the searching box by its saved name lately.

Add pictures from computer

7. From the ‘Save‘ button we can save our file by renaming the ‘Untitled file‘. It can even be saved wherever your desktop suggests.
8. We may even print our files or pictures with the help of the ‘ Print‘ button.
9. Send in e-mail‘ button will help us to send our file direct mail to the mail account.
10. We can see our ‘Recent‘ saved file in the recent area .which saves our time to search for it

To Edit An Image in Microsoft Paint :

After getting a new blank page from the ‘new button’ we can start using the tools which help us to draw or edit. As we can see that on a picture titled as ‘Ms paint toolbox‘. We can have the advanced tools in Windows 7 or more. There are many tools such as a Pencil to draw, Eraser, a Magnifier to zoom in and out, Brush on different sizes, brushes can be light, heavy, thin liner, thick and many more, Airbrush, select forms in different shapes.

Options to use Brushes

We even may create new selection area by the options available there. A box with the colour sign helps us to fill the colour in the image as we want, Ms paint has different colour varieties so we can even mix up them up and even create new fusion by trying it out by ourselves.

Customize colors as your choice

In Ms paint, we even may found the ‘Customized Quick Access Toolbar‘. It has short access to get important tools. Such as Undo, Redo, Sent an e-mail, print, print preview etc. There is a ‘Help‘ button which is for helping the users to use the program and solving the problems while editing or drawing the picture.Which improves the experience of using Ms Paint.

In conclusion: Ms paint has simple techniques even children can use it for drawings and their school projects and more. Adult people can do for whatever they are flexible with. Users can use it for drawing and editing pictures with various advanced tools with advanced windows as mentioned above which helps them to be more creatives .