Combined with Tiktok to Present Next Level Short Video Platform, now also known as Tiktok has come together itself to be a  very amazing news to the short video creators. On 1st August, 2018 official announcement was made by these 2 super growing companies. By combining these two popular short video platform with a new interface, things has definitely smashed the other competitor apps to a next level thing. With huge user and audience base of both the app, has now solely changed to Tiktok with more amazing interface and features. So people if you are still confused why you are redirected to even when you want to login to then this is the reason.

Don’t be surprised or amazed, some ‘previous musers’ might also think they will need a brand new account to access TikTok and all their past videos might somehow got messed up too, but don’t worry the new TikTok has perfectly managed your past account login credentials to match on new TikTok app too. If you already have a TikTok app installed you can automatically see musically logo been replaced by TikTok logo now or may be with your latest update you see the change.

Whats coming New on Tiktok after taking over

Giving a better new re branding to the old app, Tiktok definitely came with a bang feature of reacting on its app. Now you can also react to videos from Tiktok mobile app. Not limited to ‘TikTok’s reaction button’, it has also promised to introduce better camera effects options and the most amazing part of TikTok app is, it will now also provide users to have green screen type effect on the app itself, through which you can come up with more creative video ideas for your short TikTok videos. And what do you say for VR based effects that you can soon find on Tiktok? You won’t have to wait much I guess.

Developers from TikTok is working hard to provide their users with amazing video experience ever. Hopefully this big giant company from China knows what they are doing when it comes to short video sharing social app. With 100 million active users it’s worth having extraordinary features on app that helps making user experience more better.


Will TikTok be the Next Big Video Platform?

Growing rapidly and conquering one of the biggest video sharing app musically, it is not that hard for Tiktok to be presented as a Giant short video platform for users. With increasing video based platform over mobile devices, it might be a bit difficult but its not impossible. Similarly as Tiktok, Instagram has also announced its new IGTV feature where users can upload there long length videos too. Growing application like Instagram and many other video sharing based app are continuously working on their application to provide users with better features day by day introducing amazing features along.

Still having 100 Million plus active users on Tiktok is definitely a big platform for now.