1. Terry Reply

    I have signed up twice and was on but then couldn’t log back in. I tried to recover my password numerous times (even though it wasn’t entered wrong) and NEVER received a recovery email.

    • admin Reply

      If you are facing issues with recovering your pof password. Please try with the phone number too if you have entered or check if you have any other source of login to the pof account.

  2. Ebrima Reply

    I have tried several times to register to POF but it’s denying me access here in The Gambia. A friend of mine in Toronto introduce the website to me but can’t get access here in The Gambia. Don’t know what is the issue. It always send a message access denied.

    • admin Reply

      If you are facing problem logging in to Plenty of Fish website then we better suggest you to check the username and password that you have used or entered on pof login page is ok. This is important because you can’t access to pof.com without a genuine user account.

  3. bonnie Reply

    i am having problems registering i have tried thousands of user names and spent hours coming up with a user name but it keeps saying the user name is taken

  4. Sweetdreams0422 Reply

    So I’ve tried logging in through my browser and it’s saying I’m not connected to a network. I can surf everything but the pof site through my device.
    I believe someone that didn’t like rejection may have lied and reported me, however when this happens, why they don’t contact the person being lied? Instead we are blocked from site.

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