How to Setup PUBG Mobile in Few Minutes?


Everyone is in talk of PUBG which is Player’ s Unkown Battleground, nowadays. Each day, hundreds of games are launched online but only few games hit the headline. PUBG is one of those games, becoming popular day by day and being loved by many youths all over the world. PUBG is available for both PCs and  mobile. You must also be wanting to play the most popular battle royal game, PUBG but you are having some confusions and difficulties regarding the setup of PUBG. Since there are more mobile users than PC users, we will focus on how to setup PUBG mobile. To help you get up to the speed you want and to bring out the best in you to the game here is the tutorial you have been looking for to setup the PUBG mobile.

How to Setup PUBG Mobile?

Install PUBG mobile: PUBG mobile is freely available on App store and Play store. You can download PUBG mobile from App Store or Play Store whichever is available on your mobile.

Note: As I have already installed PUBG mobile on my phone, there is open option.

Choose your Pub G Login Wisely: As soon as you open the game, you are asked to Sign in . You can sign in using your Facebook and twitter account or you can play as a guest. Using Facebook and Twitter means you have to sync your data so that you can switch the phone and tablet you are using without losing your progress and other data.

Prepare your phone: PUBG Mobile is a very demanding game and it needs your phone to be at its best. Maintain the space requirement, delete all the apps you don’t need or use. Turn off battery saver, turn off data savers and turn off night mode for the best experience. You might also want to turn off auto-brightness – it might dim the game during the game so you can’t see so well which could be disadvantageous for you. Remember, the brighter the game, the better the experience is.

Prepare your Internet Network: Your phone must have a good connection with the PUBG servers for a lag free experience. So, the fast and good internet connection is also an important factor to be considered. When someone else is streaming 4K content, avoid playing the game because you will lag in the game.

Connect your Headphones: PUBG offers great audio quality. You can speak to your teammate and other online players of the game. Using the headphones will give you an amazing sound quality and its also helps you in pinpointing the approaching enemies. So, for the more  immersive experience, connect your headphones.

Now you are in the PUBG lobby. Welcome to the PUBG lobby.

When you start the game, you’ll be loaded in the  PUBG lobby where you can change a full range of settings, select your game type, organize your friends, claim rewards and manage your inventory.


Pick your Region Server on PubG Game:

Under the big start button you have a box to setup your game type, including the server. Tap here and on the right you’ll see the different servers. Select the server nearest to you or you can select any server you like but remember, choosing the server which is at far distance from your location usually results in lagging experience.

Adjust the Frame Rate of the Game:

Tap the settings icon in to the bottom bar on the right, then Graphics. Here you’ll find frame rate. If you don’t have a powerful phone, you might want to select low. If you’ve a powerful phone, try high. You will have better experience playing the game.

Get Clothes on your Pub G Character:

You start in your underwear, but you can collect clothes in your inventory. You can buy clothing with real money in the Shop, or you can unlock clothes as you play by earning BP and opening crates. Some clothes are temporary, some you get to keep. There are always clothes in the game to pick up as you play. Unless you collect clothes or buy them you have to play with only your inners on.

Turn off chat or adjust the mic volume:

PUBG Mobile offers an in-game voice channel, with controls to turn off the mic or speaker for voice, or adjust the levels. In settings > audio, you’ll find the controls. If you don’t want to be talk with anyone, just turn it off. Once you start the game, you can also turn your own mic on/off as well as voice from other players. From version 6, if you don’t like listening and talking to someone, you can silence a particular player, but you can’t turn off text chat for your team.

These are some of the ways to setup PUBG mobile in your phone. There are many other things to be considered for winning the chicken dinner in the game. We will come up with the tips and tricks to be used for winning the battle in the PUBG real soon. Do let us know what is troubling you with PUBG and we will try to post the solutions for you.