Sharing Documents with Google Docs

Real interaction as if your friend is proofreading your essay? Isn’t that a dream? No, that’s Google Docs. Google Docs is a web-based software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive services. It allows its users to edit, create and most importantly share the documents. It has been in commercial and private use for quite a while now. Google Docs covers all your needs of using the old school word processors such as Microsoft Word regardless of who you are.  

How to Share Documents using Google Docs?

After reading about this amazing application, you might want to know how to co-edit a document with your colleague or someone. Honestly, sharing the document and coediting in Google Docs is as easy as eating an Apple Pie. You can follow the below-listed steps to be able to share your document and co-edit your extended essay, mid-term paper or any kind of document with your friends.

  1. The first step towards sharing a document is to open a document in Google Docs.
  2. After opening the document, at the top right corner you will be able to see the “SHARE” icon. Click on the Share icon.
  3. After clicking on the share icon, a dialogue box will appear which gives you an option of adding a title to your document. If you want to title your document, type the title and click on ‘Save’. But if you don’t want to title your document, click on ‘Skip’.

4. Then, a dialogue box will appear where ‘Share with others’ is written. In that dialogue box, you will be able to find a place where you enter the email address of the people you want to share your document with. In that space, type the email address.

5. The last step of sharing the document is clicking on ‘Done’. With clicking on ‘Done’ you will be giving access to people on your document and will be granting the permission for them to co-edit with you on your document.

Advantages of using Google Docs

Remember when you had to pay for word processors like Microsoft Word, WordStar, etc. to draft everything from school essay to resumes? Or search the whole internet to download a cracked version to a last-minute project or assignment? Yup, we all do. But now there is Google Docs who changed our lives. Google docs possess the following advantages:

  • Free of cost– We don’t have to pay any amount of money to use Google Docs and who doesn’t like free stuff, right?
  • Easy to learn– If you happen to have knowledge regarding how to use Microsoft Word then using Google Docs will be pretty easy for you. Most of the features of these two applications are similar.
  • Editing– If you want the guidance of your friend to help you write your midterm paper or an essay or any type of document in general, then Google Docs is your ‘Fairly God Mother’ who has made your wish come true. Google Docs permits its users to share their documents and co-edit with each other.
  • Auto-saving– If you are really tired of having to save your documents again and again then google docs got you covered. You don’t have to save your document as Google Docs contains a special feature which saves the documents automatically without users having to save it.

Disadvantages of using Google Docs

We would be contradicting to our Value Education teacher when we say that Google docs don’t seem to have a real disadvantage. Therefore, the following point can be considered as a drawback of google docs:

  •  Access to the Internet– In order to share our document with others, internet access is required. This is a drawback because we will not be having internet access 24/7 or in all parts of the world.

TA-DA! There you have it, the basics of sharing a document using Google Docs. Now, you can go and boast about your Google Docs knowledge to your ‘know nothing’ friend.