Snapchat: Save Photos And Videos To Your Snapchat Memories

Are you not always happy with an instant click? Is your Smartphone full of all your beautiful photos and memories? Then share your most favorite photos and videos plus add the Snapchat Edits to them with the latest Memories feature provided.

Snapchat primarily lets you share your story with pictures and videos clicked instantly. Not every time can you look picture perfect! Well might be you can, but not every single photo clicked is share-able right after you click it you might want to save that for any future upload and for the moment share your previously saved memories from the camera roll. If that is that is the case then you can now do it with the Snapchat Memories feature.

The latest major update of Snapchat’s Memories feature was launched way back in June 2016, this update added the Memories feature to the Social Networking Site. Before the update, Snapchat only allowed to upload contents like photos and videos which disappeared very quickly, that also no way to check them out after they were gone. Unlike other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you are a fresher at using Snapchat App, here we will show you how you can start saving those photos or videos by opening up the Memories Features

  1. Open the Snapchat App, If you do not have the application simply open your device store and download the free app, and get started with it.
  2. Go to the camera tab, if needed swipe through the tabs to get to the camera tab.
  3. Next, tap on the small circle that is located below the camera button.
  4. You should see a new tab called ‘Memories’ that will appear from the bottom of the screen. If you are new to memories, this tab will be completely blank as there will be no photos or videos saved previously. If you have already saved any of your Snaps from the app, it should show you a grid showing off all those Snaps.

How to Upload Your Phone’s Photos And Videos into Snapchat Memories

  1. After you are in the Memories section, tap on the ‘Camera Roll’ section, you will see this on the top. The app will then ask for your permission to access your phone’s ‘Camera Roll’. You should agree to this permission if you want to save your device’s contents.
  2. After that, pick one of your photos or videos that you want to save to Snapchat Stories. Here you can directly send the selected content to your friend also.
  3. After this, just tap the ‘Edit and Send’ button in the app. By clicking this button, you have the option to make any edits to your selected photo or video. For the edit option tap on the pencil icon, you can find this in the bottom left of the preview. Any of your selected photos or videos can be edited similarly to a regular snap, which means you can put in texts or emojis, change the image filters, add captions, and many more.
  4. After completing the edits, you will have two choices, first: tap on the ‘Send’ button to share that content with a friend. Second: to create a new Snapchat story with your saved image or video, to do that you will have to tap on the main menu in the top right corner while still in editing mode. You should see the ‘Create Story from this Photo/Video’ option. Tap on it, select any more contents you want to use in the story (if any) and they will be saved and added to your Story.

Be aware that Snapchat will limit the length of any selected videos you save to Memories to just 10 seconds, not the whole length of the video will be selected. If you have selected any videos to be saved that are any longer than 10seconds, you will be liable to use the app’s edit feature to cut down the video to 10 seconds or less if possible. Soon, a new update to the Snapchat app will allow you to press and hold the record button and you can record and save up to six 10second videos in a row.

You will come to know that the Memories feature from Snapchat is fun and easy always to share content saved on their device to Snapchat friends. You can tell us what kinds of content have you shared on Snapchat using this feature in the comments below!!

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