Snapchat : Delete Sent Messages

Sent something to someone that should have been avoided? Want to reverse what you have sent? Snapchat now allows you to delete your sent messages.

Has there ever been times you regret sending a text that if you had avoided sending you might have been more comfortable with the person you sent it to? Maybe we all have been through this once in life. But, what is done is done right? Not exactly! You can still get a chance to edit your mistake, if you have ever sent a wrong message to wrong contact on Snapchat and want to reverse it then this article is exactly what you need.

Snapchat has now unveiled a new feature that now allows its users to delete the sent message, but before the other end user has opened it. According to a new update this feature has already been started and more users can access it. But this feature will only be useful until the other end user has not opened the message because if they have they might screenshot your stupidity and later tease you with the same, but wait! you can still delete the message sent and they will not be able to read it, if they do not have a screenshot proof beforehand. However, they will still get a notification that you deleted a sent message, only will they not be able to read what contents were shared.

Snapchat has had features that allow you to share contents with your added friend way back than other Social Medias like Facebook and Instagram. Messages disappear soon after being read and Snapchat has also introduced temporary video stories that are now also trending and updated on other Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Still, deleting a sent message before anyone sees it is a very individual addition to the App itself. Of course, a similar function that has been added recently to Whatsapp, it is not the ultimate savior, as we before also mentioned that people who have opened can still have screenshot, so we would like to say that unless it is opened and read you can get away with it! Better you stick to caution before sending any messages you may end up regretting.

Lets Start with the simple steps to delete the sent messages

  1. Open the message conversation whom you have sent an unwanted text.
  2. Scroll through messages to find the content you want to delete.
  3. Now just press on the message, photo or video that you want to delete.
  4. Select ‘Delete’ option that pops up on the screen.
  5. Your message will now be deleted from the App and everyone in the chat.

Although, the recipient will get a notification that will tell them that the message has been deleted.

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