Snapchat Streaks: Everything You Need to Know about Snapstreaks

If you are a Snapchat freak, you must know all about Snapchat and Snapchat streaks. But if you haven’t quite aced at Snapchat, you must be thinking what’s the fuss with Snapchat streaks that everyone is so interested in. It’s not a big deal if you still don’t know what actually a snap streak is. Simply putting, a Snapchat streak is a count or representation of how many days in a row you have managed to exchange snaps back and forth with a specific friend. This must be easy to understand.

Where did all this start from?

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Snapchat streaks came along with the updated version Snapchat 2.0 in March, which massively expanded the app’s private messaging capabilities. The snap streak is built-in within the app and is just a kind of game to show how long can you keep it going. ‘Game’ won’t be the exact word for it because there is exactly nothing to win, so let’s just call it a challenge. People these days are not only obsessed with unlocking Snapchat trophies but they also want to prove their friendship by keeping up with the streaks. It’s actually quite fun if you get hold of it. Go give it a try. Once you get the streaks going, trust me you wouldn’t want to stop.

What’s with the emojis that appears beside a friend’s conversation tab?

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If your friend and you have been sending regular snaps for a while now, you must have noticed some emojis and numbers beside the conversation tab of your friend. A fire emoji will always appear with a number next to it. It marks the streaks of you and your friend. A number appears beside the name of your friend after you send snaps; could be video or a photo, to a specific friend for two consecutive days. Remember, it only starts if your friend sends you a snap in return. Each day you send snaps after that, your streaks get longer. It only snaps that increases your streaks, not the chat, OK?

But, Snapchat streaks could be hard things to keep. If you forget to send a snap for one day, you lose your streaks. Sounds scary, right? The truth is it’s heartbreaking. However, Snapchat sends you a reminder in the form of hourglass emoji. If you see an hourglass emoji besides your friend’s name, take a snap and send it right away. The other emojis that appear in your friend’s conversation tab is just cute and cool emojis to show your friendship and has nothing to do with Snapchat streaks.

How to Recover Lost streaks?

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Sometimes, your streaks may end even though you and your friend have exchanged snaps that day. For this, you can report the error to Snapchat. Some of you may think it is stupid to send a complaint about such a small issue, but for teenagers, this is a meaningful indicator of their friendship.

You have to talk with Snapchat Customer Support to get your streaks back. Firstly, head to the Snapchat Support’s I Need Help section on their website. You can access the website here. Snapchat support will describe you how Snap streaks work, and if you are sure that the lost Snap streak was not a fault of your own, you can choose ‘My snap streak disappeared’ or ‘My Snapchat isn’t working’ next to the box that says What can we help you with?

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Here, you can fill your complaint form about your lost Snap streak. You’ll need to provide quite a bit of information for Snapchat to look into the problem. You’ll need to write your username, email, phone number, device model, and the friends’ username that you had your Snap streak with. Then, you’ll need to provide a date when you started having the issue, tell them how long the Snap streak lasted for, and whether or not your saw the timer appear.

Lastly, they will ask you to write as much detail about your issue as possible. You’ll need to provide enough information for them to look into the problem, fix the problem, and then restore your Snap streak.

If it was all your fault or Snapchat help didn’t work, you would want to use the old-fashioned way; start snapping again.

CONCLUSION:Snapchat streaks could be exciting as well as addicting. Snapchat’s ‘streaks’ has pretty much been plaguing users for the last few years and at the present time, the stakes are even higher as people regularly have a Snapchat streak with their friend for over more than a year.