How to Take Awesome Photos with your Smart Phone

Today the smart phones are ruling the world. Smart phone these days do way more things than just making calls and sending messages. Taking photos has been one of its major jobs. Nowadays you don’t need a expensive camera to take quality pictures. Thanks to our smart phones and the editing apps we can now take high quality photos and edit them without any hustle. If used correctly smart phones can take good pictures without any use of professional equipment. Want to take good pictures from your smart phone and share it with your friends and families on social media ? It’s just a matter of learning few tricks and practicing few shots. Here are some really good tips from which you can take awesome pictures from your phone.

Always Start with Cleaning the Lens

Your phone is usually in your pocket or your bag when you’re away from your home. Your phone camera does not have a lens cap to protect it from dust, lint and fingerprints.They easily get dirty.Be sure to clean it with a soft handkerchief or even your t-shirt will work. A dirty or full of fingerprint lens can ruin a great shot so always remember to keep you lenses clean before taking photos.

Use Gridlines when Taking Photos

It is one of the most effective and easiest way to improve the quality of your photos taken from phone. Grid-lines keep your pictures straight and help balance your shot while taking pictures. Mainly grid lines help you to implement the rule of thirds. It is a photographic principle that states a photo should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically.


Get closer: See How Much Zoom can bring a Better Frame

Most of the people zoom the object while taking photos which can decrease the quality of the picture. It definitely enlarges the image but results in decreased quality and blurry image. Instead of using the zoom function walk towards the object and take shots from closer range and see your image quality getting improved.


Use Natural Light

Usually the photos taken with a flash don’t come out to be good. Avoid the flash and try to take advantage of the natural light you can find by going near the window or simply going outside where you can take photos with bright and natural colors. If you prefer indoor lights then try getting closer to white lights and stay away from bulbs that throw yellow lights.

Focus on One Subject

Most of the great photos you see on the internet just include one subject which makes the photo look beautiful. So while taking a picture spend some time setting up the spot. Make sure you tap the screen of your smart phone to focus the camera on your subject. This will help you get a clear and high quality image of the subject.

Click photos from Different Angles

Try taking photos from weird and unexpected angles. Some pictures can come out to be really good and unique. Most of the time pictures are taken from normal angles but taking photos from unique angles can make your picture stand out from others and make more interesting to look at.  In photography, a different perspective can turn a normal scene look very artistic. Try taking pictures from unexpected perspectives to create more depth.

Use Burst Mode for Action Shots

Chasing a flying bird? trying sports photography? If the case is similar burst mode might be the perfect option you’re looking for. Burst mode allows you to capture great images on motion. By clicking images in quick succession. you’re more likely  to get a clear shot and you have more options to choose from.

Use the Volume Button to Take Pictures

Using the volume up button as the shutter has an added benefit than using the normal shutter button on the screen. Using the normal shutter button can cause camera shake and ruin your picture. When using the volume up button as the shutter you need to turn your phone horizontally and use your both hands and it will reduce the chances of  images getting shaky or blurry.

Use image Editing Apps Instead of Filters

Images can always be made better by using editing apps rather than using basic filters. Editing your images on apps can make it look more beautiful and compelling. Editing allows you to enhance the quality of the photo you’ve taken and balance saturation, brightness, sharpness etc.


Like every other art the key to photography is keep learning and practicing. The above tips will surely help you get great images. At last i would like to suggest you to stick with few main ideas which is capture pictures in good lighting condition, take photos in different style and edit your photos.