1. Josee Reply

    I need help please!!! I have tried all night to sign in and it’s not working. I got a new phone and it’s not recognizing anything. This is the only app giving me issues. Can someone please,please contact me.

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  3. dearjohn5555 Reply

    I need to log back in my TikTok account cause I got my phone took away but if anyone sees this my user name on TikTok is dearjohn5555 or money emoji try both I don’t remember

  4. Shahnaz Reply

    Please help me! I can’t login to my tik tok account. Write that “we couldn’t your page” and i can see my account on my instgram page. Even to follow is impossible.

  5. Rose Reply

    Can’t remember tiktok password but don’t remember phone number or email attached to it is there any way i can recover my account at all

    • admin Reply

      In your case you will need to atleat try with your few old numbers or email addresses that you use. Also what you can do is enter the current phone number or email address that you are using currently on tiktok. Then check your message inbox on your email or phone number, see if there is any code or links that can help you reset your tiktok password.

  6. Venelee Reply

    Good day

    Please assist I had to uninstall my Tik Tok account and reinstall again. Now I am not sure what my username or password was and I can log in. I tried several times with my email and phone number its not working. PLEASE HELP i have asked on Tik Tok on a new account for help also on facebook tik tok. no one is getting back to me

  7. Unknown Reply

    How can I watch my private videos from musical.ly after musical.ly updated to tik tok?

  8. Molly Reply

    Problem: tiktok/ i put the wrong age in to start of with and so tried a different age (2000) still didnt work saying im not elegible for a tiktok account so furthermore i deleted and redownloaded it still didnt work please help!

  9. Camryn Reply

    I don’t think I’m the only one having these issues, but whenever I go to login to my tiktok account, it just says that I have the wrong password. I tried resetting the password and everythng, it just will not work. Please reply if you know how to fix my problem, thank you.

  10. twozhu21 Reply

    I have an account on musical.ly long time ago with some video. Some video are still in Draft folder. But I don’t know Tiktok is Musical.ly and when I downloaded Tiktok I can find out my ID which has the content of Musical.ly. So that I have loged in Musical.ly account and they said that my account has been deactivated, when I activated again, there are just some video which are on Draft folder. So how can I log in in Tiktok under Musical.ly account which I have seen in Tiktok?

  11. Diam Reply

    I logged out of my account. I didn’t have an email phone number password or anything else connected to the account. Only with my username how i can loggin. I am really worried about my videos. Because i created it in 2018. Kindly help me to sort out my problem

  12. Barb Reply

    My daughter has or had a account with tiktok and she’s had it for awhile and for some reason they deleted her account. She tried to make another one and they deleted that one again she made another and it lasted for a day and they deleted it again. She tried to send a message for help and to find out why and no one will answer her. Why did they delet her account? Can some help us figure this out???

  13. joy Reply

    I need help my tik tok says its temporarily suspended and I didn’t do anything so is there a way to help that or no. pls help if you can my account is xxxbubblegirlxxx. if there is anyway to help me then pls reply. Thanks

  14. Mabel Reply

    The f*** I need to do tiktok and it is not fukin working you guys suck sheat

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