TikTok: Top 16 Trending TikTok Challenges-2019

#TikTokPets challenge trending page

TikToking can be quite addicting once you get the hang of it. The now popular short video sharing app has a charismatic appeal to it. The deeper you dive into the platform the more you get lost. TikTok allows you to explore the inner artist in you. Don’t believe my words you can check it for yourself. There are many stories about how Popular TikTok stars installed the app for the first time on their phone due to constant nagging from their friends. But when they started using it, they instantly fell for it. And now they’ve become some of the most influential creators on the platform and have been awarded TikTok verification badge.

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You can ask as many TikTok creators and influencers you want and most of them will answer that they never imagined staying on the platform for this long nor did they plan on becoming famous. It is just how the platform works its magic. Once you download the app and get into the platform, you will hear an inner voice coming from deep down your heart saying “Hey! me…wake up. This is our time to shine”. Soon, you’ll start doing all shorts of trending TikTok challenges, create some wonderful memes and take part in hashtags and even before you realize, the platform will be the coziest place for you to live in. You must be however gifted to become a popular TikTok creator and have millions of loyal followers to your account.

If you have chosen to stick to us and know more about TikTok, I would like to congratulate you on your efforts. Today we have come up with some of the currently trending TikTok hashtags and challenges for you to try out while you stay on the platform. These hashtags have been recreated thousands of times by TikTokers around the world and have generated millions and some even billions of views worldwide. You can also give them a try and explore new opportunities that await you because who knows you could be the next emerging TikTok star.

Here below are the top 16 currently trending TikTok hashtags:

16. #sowholesome

Are you someone who likes doing good things for your friends and family but your good deeds go unnoticed? Well, if that’s the case then its time you do something different.

Take part in the currently trending #sowholesome challenge and show your good deeds to the people from around the world and make them appreciate your actions. After all, good deeds must be rewarded with praise so that it encourages others to do some good deeds as well.

Total views: 163 million

15. #somanytears

Life isn’t exactly easy for most of us. We’ve to face so many situations in our life which makes us cry. These situations mostly relate to other’s lives as well. Be it a surprise test at school or solving derivatives and antiderivatives equations on the whiteboard in front of the class.

The currently trending #somanytears challenge asks users to create and upload videos of real-life situations which basically makes them cry. Not just them but also makes the viewers cry when they watch your videos.

Total views: 258 million

14. #meetmycar

Do you like showing off your stuff and make people jealous? Well technically speaking who doesn’t right? Everyone likes to show off their cool stuff to the people around them.

So, here’s a TikTok challenge for you to show off your ride by taking part in the currently trending #meetmycar challenge. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a beetle or a customized classic, or a sports car, just introduce your ride to the world.

Total views: 355 million

13. #teamtrees

Caring for mother Earth is our responsibility and we should be working together and do our part. Rapid deforestation over the past few decades has dealt a huge blow in the beauty of mother nature and it’s time we plant new ones to replace the fallen ones.

The currently trending #teamtrees challenge is a step in the right direction. The challenge with the help of some of the TikTok creators is aiming to plant 20 million trees around the world by the end of this year. So its time we join hands and take part in #teamtrees challenge and make a difference now for a better tomorrow.

Total views: 386 million

12. #realhousewivesoftiktok

TikTok isn’t all about, e-boys and e-girls, it is more than that and the popular #realhousewivesoftiktok challenge shows why. TikTok is a platform designed for people of all ages to come together and have some fun time on the platform.

The #realhousewivesoftiktok challenge is meant for real housewives who are on TikTok to take part and show their nasty and bitter side of themselves when they face the camera head-on. So, if you are one real housewife, grab your phone and shoot a real-life scene that involves you yelling out to others, arguing, fighting, and so on for the world to see and fear you.

Total views: 402 million

11. #jobforme

Most of you might have watched the popular Hollywood movie, “The Avengers” where Thanos almost destroys half of the universe in one sweep. Now you might be wondering why he did so, well that’s basically the job assigned to him by the universe and nobody could’ve done a better job than his.

Likewise, you might be assigned to a job that practically nobody else could do better than you do. The currently trending #jobforme challenge could be the best way to show the world what your job feels like.

Total views: 474 million


Are you good with tools such as pens, pencils, brushes, and colors? Can you create your own masterpiece? Is your inner artist suffocating within you since you have no platform to share your artistic talents? Well, this #artclub challenge might be your best bet in showcasing your artistic talents.

So hurry up and grab your pen, pencils, brushes, and colors and create a masterpiece for the world to watch until their eyes pop-outs from the socket and their jaw dislocated while they watch your talent unfold.

Pull out your pens, pencils, brushes, and paint because the TikTok #ArtClub is in session.

Total views: 561 million

9. #truthordare

Most of you might be familiar with truth or dare game and if you have played one during your school and college tours, you might remember all the odd rules of the game as well. For those who ain’t familiar with the game, let me explain the rules first. The rule is simple by the way, all you have to do is pick your choice i.e. “truth” or “dare”. So, if you choose “truth”, you will have to answer the question asked to you truthfully and if you choose “dare”, you need to complete the task given to you.

The currently trending #truthordare challenge is just the same. You can also join the fun and take part in the challenge and make your pick. Either you speak the truth or choose to dare is up to you though.

Total views: 585 million

8. #onthecourt

This popular TikTok challenge #onthecourt encourages users to make videos showing what they are up to on the court. You can make videos of you sweating on the court, running, training hard, playing games, etc. and post it on the platform.

Total views: 592 million

7. #runforit

We encounter many situations in our lives where we need to run for it. Be it you being late for your early morning classes, or you being chased by a dog, or you being late for a movie, sometimes you just need to run for it.

This popular #runforit TikTok challenge asks users to make a video that makes them fun for it and post it on the platform for others to watch.

Total Views: 603 million

6. #dailyroutine

If you are creative enough and have the talent to include your all-day activities within a matter of seconds, Take part in the currently trending #dailyroutine TikTok challenge and show the world what your daily routine is.

Total views: 610 million

5. #movember

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November. This even ie celebrated for a cause i.e to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

The currently trending hashtag #movember is a great opportunity to join hands in raising awareness across the globe. All you need to do is make a video showing what Movember means to you and how you celebrate the annual event.

Total views: 694 million

4. #thatsalook

Do you have your own style when it comes to dressing up? Do you like showing off your cool style?

If you are a style guru or feel like one and want to share your secrets to your styling, this #thatsalook TikTok challenge is for you. You can create a TikTok video showing those little touches that makes your style pop up and so different from others.

The #thatsalook is currently trending on TikTok and could be your chance to shine as a style icon on the platform. You better hurry up and make a TikTok video showing your unique and cool style and post it on the platform.

Total views: 745 million

3. #streaminggames

So, now we have many media-service providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc competing to gain more users. Everybody has their own picks depending on what they like to watch the features that they like the most.

Here’s a TikTok challenge that wants users to share their videos showing which media-service provider they like and why. So, if you want to share your experiences regarding any of the media-service providers, you can take part in the #streaminggames challenge and express your thoughts on the matter.

Total views: 813 million

2. #friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a harvest festival celebrated across North-Americal. It is the time when people prepare traditional meals and invite friends and relatives over dinner. The date, however, varies from country to country and is marked by a national holiday.

TikTok has come up with a #friendsgiving challenge urging users to create how they are going to celebrate thanksgiving festive and rewarding each user with 300 rewards points for posting a video with the #thanksgiving. Once you have enough reward points you will then be awarded a gift card from TikTok.

This could be your moment to earn some rewards points which you can later cash it for a gift card. So, you better hurry and make a thanksgiving video and post it on the platform.

Total views: 833 million

1. #tiktokpets

Got a pet animal, be it a cute puppy, or a fluffy kitten, a dancing squirrel, or a racing horse, a baa-baa-black-sheep, or a fierce tiger, or the majestic elephant as an extended family member? Do you like showing your pet’s beauty, cuteness, loyalty, skills, friendliness, and awesomeness to others? Well if you do then this TikTok challenge is just perfect for you.

The popular #tiktokpets challenge gives you the perfect chance to showcase your pets awesomeness to the people around the world. You can choose to upload the best video of you and your pets having fun, messing around, taking a stroll in a park, going shopping together, dressing your pets, dancing to a beat, etc. Who knows your pets might become the next TikTok pet star.

Total views: 1.19 Billion


The TikTok hashtags and TikTok challenges listed above are among the currently trending TikTok hashtags and challenges. They all have a unique appeal to them and are widely viral. Taking part in TikTok challenges is the best way to connect with your audience on the platform and if your video gets featured on the trending videos page within a hashtag, you could connect with viewers from around the world, So, if you want to get popular on the platform and are not sure how you can actually become one, just take part in one of these challenges to get a boost and better exposure on the platform.

TikTok is a new emerging trend in social networking. It has a better appeal to it and offers freedom to explore the creative you with the rich video editing tools and unlimited access to the music library across different genres. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which is limited to sharing text and images in the form of status and that nobody actually cares about these days, you can create something fun and exciting for people to watch and enjoy on TikTok.