Tips To Speed Up Your Lagging Phone

Are you tired of your android phone slowing down? Want to speed up your android phone? You’re in the right place then. You bought a shiny new phone, and a few months later you realize it isn’t as fast as it used to be. The slowdown issue is not just with the budget or mid-range smartphones but also with high-end smartphones.

It is really frustrating when your phone’s speed performance is not as it is supposed to be after you have to spend hundreds of dollars on it. But don’t worry this issue can be fixed. Thankfully, you can try a few things to get your phone running back at full speed. In this guide, I’ve got some tips for you on how to speed up your android phone which will surprise you with amazing results.

Let’s have a look at the working tips to speed up your android phone.

1. Update Your Android Phone

You need to update your phone to the latest phone of android available. Android every now and then comes up with it’s a newer version, so make sure your phone is using the latest version of android. The latest software usually comes with bug fixes and general improvements and it can help your Android device to run better. It is very easy to update your android phone. Go into Settings > About Device > Software Update.

2. Uninstall Unused Apps

Your phone must definitely have many apps that were pre-installed by your manufacture and some installed by yourself which have been unused for months. Those apps are stealing your precious space on your phone. Your phone needs some breathing room to run smoothly and if it’s running low on space, it can start to slow down.

Lack of storage space on your phone might be one of the biggest reason for your phone to slow down. You can check your available space by going to the storage option available on settings. If your phone is very low on space then without thinking about uninstall apps which you don’t require and have been on your phone unused for months.

3. Remove Or Reduce Animations

Animations look great on your phone until they start slowing down your phone. Animations may be interesting to you but they slow down the speed and also suck down the battery life of your phone. The animations up to a certain time work well and then start creating legginess on your phone.

Turning the animations off will boost up your speed and save your battery life as well. To remove or reduce animations go to settings>About phone and scroll down to the system section to look for the Build number. Then tap on the build number option seven times. Now go to the Developer Options menu and find the Transition animation scale option. Now you can turn off the Window animation scale and Animator duration scale.

4. Clear Cached Data

Cached data is information your apps store to help them boot up more quickly but staying there for a long time it can occupy a large space on your phone. The cached data in the apps that you never use is something you need to get quickly rid of. Cached data is supposed to speed up your phone but it takes up unnecessary space on your phone. You can clear cache data of individual app by going to settings>App info > Storage > Clear Cache.

5. Root Your Phone

Rooting your phone allows you to run your phone smoothly than your current setup. But let me remind you that rooting your phone is a bit risky as you can end up damaging your operating system if you don’t handle it with care. With a bit of risk, there are many advantages of rooting as well. With a rooted device, you have the freedom to install cleaner ROMs and crack the whip on your hardware to make it run faster.

6. Install Lightweight Versions Of Apps

If you’re using a mid-range or a budget phone then you have a great option of using social media apps in a low space. Social media apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter grab up a huge space in your phone. Thankfully, they’ve got a lighter version that contains all the necessary features as the original version.

Social media giants like Facebook occupy a large space on your memory with continuous updates from time to time. Using light versions of social media apps can save your huge space on your phone and stop your phone from slowing down.

7. Close Down Apps Running In The Background

You need to quickly close down the apps that you’re not using. Using several apps at a time makes it easy to switch between one to another but it has an impact on the phone’s performance as well. By closing apps that you aren’t actually using, you can drastically reduce your CPU’s workload.

To close down apps press the multitasking button placed just below your screen and swipe away apps you want to exit. This way your CPU will have less workload and it will perform faster.

These tips will help your phone run like a cheetah. After applying these tips your phone will get the max performance possible out of your hardware. I hope this post was helpful for you and it solves your problem. Thank you for reading this post and if I’ve missed out on any important tip than I would love to hear it from you in the comment section below. You can also check How to extend your phone’s battery life.