Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps For 2020

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The total number of an app in the google play store has reached 3 million by January of 2020. There are multiple apps with the same functionality. It is thus impossible to go through every app through play store and select apps you need. According to the statistics, the majority of the apps being downloaded from the Play Store get uninstalled in the first day itself. It is mainly due to the confusion people have when they download the apps. Another reason is most of the apps do not function as expected by the users when they download them.

Now the question might arise, how do you know whether the app is useful or not even before you download it? Well, the answer to the question is, you don’t. But that’s just fine. Not everyone is a tech freak who knows everything. But that mustn’t stop you from trying to get your hands on the best Android apps available on the Play Store and web, must it?

So, how do you know which apps among millions other are best for you? Or, which among them are the best of the best? Well, that’s where we come in. Our team of experts has performed some extensive research on the web finding out which are the best Android apps available on the Google Play Store and web. And today we have come up with our top 10 handpicked Android apps currently available on the Google Play Store and web.

Note: Our list of top 10 apps available on Google Play Store and web is based on user rating, popularity and apps features.

Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps on your Android device:

Firefox Send

screen short of Firefox Send (Early Access) on google play store with install button.
Firefox Send (Early Access) app on google play store with a button to install.

We may be living in 2020 but, when it comes about sharing files quickly and securely it’s still complicated. Sending files through emails is very had. Many popular cloud drive companies do not provide more space than 20Mb to 50MB. Using services like google drive and one drive means filling limited space on your drive. There are many steps for uploading and creating a link to send. Even after creating a link. You need to give permission. Then the link provided might not also be secured to provide to third parties.

Firefox send is the latest experiment project from Firefox. It aims to solve the problem with a one-time file transfer. Firefox send is a large file sharing app that lets you send a file up to 1GB for free. Its services are available on the web and in the mobile app while protecting your data. You can share files by uploading them to this app. Then, It will provide you a temporary link to share with your friends so they can download files quickly. You don’t have to worry about the security of the file. Files are uploaded with end to end encryption. You can also set a password and give it to your friend so that they can only download by using that password. If you sign in for Firefox account then they will allow you to share a file that is up to 2.5GB in size. Even if the file is 1GB or 2.5GB receiver doesn’t have to download an app. They can just click on the given link and provide a password if it asks to. You can set the expire time of link by the number of downloads or by certain days.

SplitCloud Double Music

Screenshot of SplitCloud Double Music app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of SplitCloud Double Music app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to music and audio category with a 4.4-star rating. This application has a 1k review.

SplitCloud allows you to listen to two different songs at the same time. You can share your earbuds with your friends. For example, if your friend wants to listen to Rihanna but you want to listen to different artists. You can use the app to play multi music files at a time. Just put one song at the bottom of the music player and another at top. The song you put on the bottom will play off the right earbud and top music player will play songs off the left earbud.

Moreover, I see this app as an easy way of becoming a DJ by creating some mashups. It also has the option to select the songs from SoundCloud. You will most probably end-up finding the songs that you are looking for. Some of the key features of SplitsCloud are:

  • It lets you search for songs from SoundCloud or user profiles.
  • Access all the songs that are available in your phone’s storage.
  • Access thousands of online radios around the globe.
  • You can save songs for offline use.
  • You can even save your favorite songs in your SoundCloud account.

Microsoft Math Solver

Screenshot of Microsoft Math Solver app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of Microsoft Math Solver app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to music and audio category with a 4.7-star rating. This application has a 5k review and 100k+ downloads.

Microsoft Math solver is a program of Microsoft AI lab project. It is free to download educational software for windows, android, and IOS. Apart from math problems it also can solve problems of physics. It is made for students as a free educational tool.

Microsoft math solver can solve a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, and more. This program also includes different tools. Such as graphical calculator, unit converter, triangle solver and equation solver. You just need is a camera to snap a photo from Microsoft Math solver. It will instantly solve it with a step by step explanation. Microsoft uses powerful AI that makes graphs interactive. By getting all needed step by step solutions to a given problem including online video lectures.

Nothing is perfect on its own so if it is unable to find a solution then it will redirect you to

 Nova Launcher

Screenshot of Nova Launcher app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of Nova launcher app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to the Personalization category with a 4.6-star rating. This application has a 1M reviews and 50M+ downloads.

It’s 2020 already and you are still stating at the same old home screen. If you are an android user then there is good news for you. Nova Launcher is a powerful third-party launcher that lets you customize almost all menus, icons and themes of your phone. It also has the feature to optimize your smartphone to work faster. There are many launchers available in the play store, but only a few are as powerful as Nova Launcher. With a powerful feature to optimize and customize your smartphone, only a few other launchers come close to Nova Launcher.

Its smooth, light weighted and has tons of customizations feature. You can customize icons, app-drawer, scrollable docks, folder, icons, notification badges, gestures, etc.

One of the outstanding features of Nova Launcher is its graphic quality. Even the simple sliding of the home screen has a three-dimensional transition. Apart from its aesthetic, Nova Launcher lets you customize gestures on your device. You can also set various shortcuts to make your life easier. But some of the features are available for paid users only. You can also customize icons on the different home screen, backup settings, import settings from other devices. You can make the customization on your mobile phone and export that same setting on another phone. Nova Launcher uses all the customization features of android to make your home screen more usable and lovable.

ES File Explorer

Screenshot of Es File Explorer with download and  read review button.
Screenshot of the ES File Explorer app with the button to Download and Read review. There is also given that this app belongs to Es APP Group. This application has a 4.5-star rating and a size of 20.14MB.

If you are looking for the power tool that can manage your files and folder as well as your cloud storage then ES file explorer is the best solution for you. ES file explorer is able to manage both programs and files. There are no other apps that are as powerful as ES file explorer. It can easily kill not responding and running applications in your system. You can directly connect this application with your cloud storage. Such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many more. It even has the features to connect you to your pc using the FRP client-server.

Watching, sharing, uploading of your media and file is very easier and accessible. The features like copy, paste, cut, delete, create and rename are all available. Apart from these features it also lets you send any file and media content through the mail.

For the PC user, it might not be a surprise to know that ES File Explorer has a built-in decompress tool. It can easily compress or decompress files in ZIP or RAR file format. For the advanced users, of an android who likes to have everything at their control then ES File Explorer is the best tool for you.

ES File Explorer also comes with a built-in app manager. It allows users to uninstall or backup apps. If you are a user who likes to explorer the root features then this application also provides the Root Explorer feature. However, Root Explorer is only available for rooted devices only. This application was removed from the play stored by google so you can download this application form the given link.

Some of the features of ES File Explorer are:

1. Search files on your phone.

2. Shorting and viewing of files and folders.

3. Compress, decompress and Open Zip files.

4. Mount USB drive.

5. Stream video over Chromecast.

6. Edit hosts and system files.

7. Encrypt local files or folders.

8. Option to hide media files.

9. Uninstall pre-installed apps.

10. Transfer files and folders over other androids.

11. Create a LAN and SFTP to browse and transfer files. 12. Access multiple cloud services and save, delete, copy files

12. Access multiple cloud services and save, delete, copy files.

Blokada v4 (ad blocker)

Screenshot of  Blokada v4 (ad blocker) app on the F-Droid store with menus.
Screenshot of Blokada v4 (ad blocker) on the F-Droid store. There are menus to browse, forum, docs, news, issues, contribute, about.

We all have been through those annoying normal or full-screen ads that drive us crazy. Even on apps where ads annoy us. Then you must try this app Blokada v4 (ad blocker). This is a powerful ad-blocker that will make your mobile experience better, efficient, and simple to use. There are no other ad blockers that can come close to this app which is stable and promote to increase the efficiency of the battery.

We all must be careful while using apps that can filter traffic like VPN, website, and apps. Apart from those annoying ads, you have to face pop-ups that can also steal your credentials and sensitive data. As the concept of the ad-free world is thriving there can’t be another app than Blokada Adblocker. We can trust this app as it’s an open-source which means we can go through all its source code.

Blokada is very easy to install although it’s not available in the play store. You just need some second to configure and adjust your needs. You are the one to set the protocol to block and unblock ads. Blokada makes sure that filters use is always kept up to date.

These days from small app company to big corporations are using trackers to control our ads and steal our data and privacy. When you are using Blokada you will see how apps track your moves. It sends no tracking request to any server you are using and even makes you anonymous by preventing tracker requests.

Ad-free surfing of the internet and app means you can save data plan and it even makes your experience faster. It prevents the unnecessary download of content across apps and browsers. For doing such a task it doesn’t even must the device to be rooted. So, try it out it’s totally free.

Wi-Fi AR

Screenshot of Wi-Fi AR - most useful tool ever app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of WiFi AR – most useful tool ever app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to the Communication category with a 4.1-star rating.

We all have been through such situations where we are about to get online and send emails or browse web Then we realize there is no Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi AR uses augmented reality to show you how strong the signal is in the physical space around you. There’s always a lot more where that came from. Although its name is Wi-Fi AR it can also be used to test 3G or 4G connectivity. It also has a few options like the distance between measuring, Height, Datapoint Size and Customizes. It uses air-core which means it detects the surface and position to those visual elements that identify the signs on the surface itself. To do so it accesses your camera and shows how strong the signals are in real-time.

Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta

Screenshot of Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta - Find Screenshots Fast (Early Access) app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta – Find Screenshots Fast (Early Access) app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to the Tools category. This application has a 100K+downloads.

It is the Project of Firefox which is built in such a way that it is able to extract text from those screenshots which have two applications. The app is able to understand the content of the images. You can search for your screenshots based on what was written in them. It means that when you’ve found those text from screenshots you can copy text directly from them to paste elsewhere. It does not matter even the screenshot was taken 10 years ago. You will be able to extract the texts from the screenshot.

It was developed to manage the screenshot. It has some of the interesting features like taking, organize, search and share written texts. From the screenshots stored on your phone. Even it’s the application of Mozilla Firefox, you don’t have to install the browser. You can download it from the play store.

After installing this application, a permission request dialogue box appears on your screen. If it gets the permission then it will automatically pick up any screenshots on your phone and bundles them to a collection.

A most important part of the ScreenshotGo Beta uses a text recognition feature. It also supports offline so that you can easily convert texts from the screenshot and can copy, paste, save and share.


Screenshot of Rabbir app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of Rabbit app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to the Social category with a 2.0-star rating. This application has a 25K reviews and 1M+ downloads.

The Rabbit is the coolest app so far, I have tested. It lets you watch anything online with your friends, family or anyone on the internet. You can discover share and watch content anywhere with your friends. You can set up private groups and invite your friends to watch it together. You can find, watch and share content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, and other content providers.

You can also chat with friends or groups who are watching any show in the same place. You can be anywhere in the globe but rabbit lets you watch your favorite content with your friends. You have an option to watch the shared content right at the moment or later.

AirDroid: Remote access & File

Screenshot of AirDroid: Remote access & File app on google play store with button to install.
Screenshot of AirDroid: Remote access & File app on google play store with the button to install. There is also given that this app belongs to the Tools category with a 4.3-star rating. This application has 576K reviews and 10M+ downloads.

If you are someone who is always busy on PC and wishes to control a mobile phone from PC then this is the perfect application for you. AirDroid lets you mirror your mobile phone screen in your windows, mac or Linux wirelessly. To use this application, you need to install AirDroid on your PC as well as the mobile phone. You can mirror your small phone screen into a larger computer screen.

Major features:

1. File transfer

AirDroid lets you share all kinds of files from your PC to any device. Your devices must be on the same network or should be connected to the internet to use it remotely.

2. Remote access and control

You can access android devices from your PC without rooting. Screen sharing is secured and you can use AirDroid to record phone screen. You can even control your phone camera in real-time to observe the environment around.

3. Notification and messaging

You can directly reply to notifications and messages from your computer like messenger, WhatsApp, and so on. AirDroid also lets you manage and store contacts and messages.

4. Answer and make the call through PC

There is also a function to make a call through PC via AirDroid Dialpad and can even go through missed calls. You can receive incoming calls via PC and can reject it if needed.

5. Backup and synchronize

You can store your mobile phone photos, files, and videos on your computer. You can also enable sync options to keep your backup up to date. You can copy-paste and even share a clipboard between PC and mobile.

6. Phone management

There is find phone feature which can locate your phone when its lost. You can also uninstall apps remotely, manage files, folder, photo, and video.

The above-listed apps are among the best Android apps currently available on Google Play Store and web. All of these apps are free to download. Most of them are available on the Google Play Store while some others can be downloaded from the web. You can also click on the given links in order to redirect you to the download page of the individual app.

We hope this article was useful to you. Make sure you come back and visit our website: for more information and updated. Have a great time, people.