Top 7 Social Sites To Meet New Friends

As we know friends are very important things in human life and there are tons of social sites on the internet to make new friends and to meet new people. People these days are busy with their life, goals and many more things that are why they are not being able to connect with their friends and family in their daily life besides in their regular college friends and office colleagues so these social sites mentioned below which help to meet new friends can be very much helpful for the current situation. They are helping by connecting different people from the same location or even from different area/ location. So here check out the top list of social sites to meet new people.


Skout in 2019 has millions of users from around the globe. Skout is much like a dating app. The number of Skout users is increasing day by day which has the slogan as follows:

“Meeting millions of new people is tought but Skout can make it easier for you.

Skout Team

To create an account in this site you can either sign in from Facebook quickly and even from Gmail from its official page. From this site, you can chat with new friends from near and far as well as per your choice and requirements. You can browse through people near you (With the location tracker) and make the connection with them even if you are visiting new place you can still search for new people to have a company. It is available in both Android and iOS versions, to download it search it on Google Play and in the Apple app store.

Meet new people with Skout


Nearify is basically a website for knowing events near you. The most your spend your time with Nearify the more it will understand your taste in events. It also remembers what event you loved the most So if you love music, Nearify will find the music event near you. Nearify is also a travel guide for you so next time when you are out for visiting a new country or any place then take it with you. It will guide you about the local culture and tradition, things to do there and events to attend nearby you. To know more about you can visit its website or download it on your device. Nearify is also available in the Android and iOS version.

Nearify to find events

Me3/ We3

Me3 was the original form of the website and later they changed it into We3 because they thought thinking about the experience in terms of ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ can make much difference. We3 is for meeting some new and interesting people who can be your friends to share laugh and love. We3 is basically for those you feel hard to make friends as an adult. Many people have less friends and even less connection with those less friends so here We3 is trying to connect people with the same situation and condition.

“Two is a date, Three is a party”

We3 Team
Make an interesting life with We3


MeetMe is also a free site where different natured of people meet from different places. As per the MeetMe team, they understand the innate human truth and is so much passionate about using innovation to bring in better ways. To use this you need to download the app on your device and sign up. To login quickly without creating an account in the app specifically, you can click on ‘Quick Login With Facebook’ sign, with this you can ligin directly from your facebook account without any other formalities.

“There are 7 billion+ people are in this planet who all shares something fundamental: Connecting with each other makes us happy”.

Home page of MeetMe


“Meet as Mamas, Connect as a women” is the main theme of Peanut. It is an amazing site/ application which also is an online store having baby clothes and many other products. Peanut is made for mothers who want to connect with other mothers who are known about the health and care of a baby so his app is helping those mother who wants share the information an ideas with other mothers. With this site mothers can get the ideas and share those ideas about baby teething, choosing babies name, Night weening, sleeping on stomach, getting nervous about labour and many more. You can download this app from Google play and app store.

Connect with other mother by chat in Peanut


Bumble was the first founded to the challenge the antiquated rules of dating. It is a social website to make the connection better and stronger. You can meet new people and friends from this social site from around the world. You will have to get matched with each other to start chatting. So to match with each other, enter your phone number and sign up. After completing profile creation or sign up process other users profile will be shown to you on your profile and choose among them with whom you want to be connected.

Bumble home page


Tinder is one of the famous social sites to meet new people. It is a dating site and used by 57 million which is so huge. To get connected with each other users has to swipe good profiles to the right and left for not interested profiles. People get matched after swiping right by both users. Tinder users get swipes almost 1.6 billion in a day as per Tinder Revenue.

Tinder match and the permission to send message

So like this Tinder and many more applications to meet new people and friends mentioned above can be downloaded in your device to meet new them on places by turning on locations and thier distance and to find out more about the new place, event, people and many more. People are busy in their daily schedules and works so these applications are making them feel easy to meet new and good people who have interesting and matching qualities and choices by being in one place.