13 Attractive Uses of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger originally known as a messenger, was originally developed as Facebook chat on 2008 A.D which was not a significant app but a feature within the facebook. Later it got more developed as Facebook Messenger in October 2016. Facebook messenger app can be downloaded for IOS and Android versions.

Normally, to use Facebook messenger, the user has to log in with the user’s Facebook account’s username and password, because it is the significant facebook’s app to connect users with message and calls. It is for messaging within the Facebook contacts but later Facebook developed many advanced features to engage its user with it. The user can keep the Messenger and Facebook active separately by logging in only one account. They can even deactivate and delete the account from their own significant app and it does not affect another app. Its Some uniquely attractive uses of messenger are as follows:

1. Messaging: 

Messenger is primarily for messaging within facebook contacts. We can see our friends last seen or active status on the ‘Contact Sign‘.We can switch on the ‘Online Sign‘ to know about our online friends. We can even type a message at ‘Message Box‘ button and send the same message at the same time to the multiple users by selecting, we don’t have to type the same messages for differently. The user can message their Facebook friends primarily but if some of them are not added in their Facebook contacts, they can still search them on messenger and a message instantly without adding them on facebook. They can change their conversation text colour which makes their message box looks different and colourful.

2. Nickname

A user can change nicknames of each other privately. People who are chatting with each-other can change and see their nicknames as whatever the user wants, it can contain the name, emoji, etc.other users or contacts cannot see them.It will remain the same until we change it for the next time.

3. Audio and Video Calls

Audio and video calls are another amazing feature of the messenger. A user can call and can make video calls using a single app. While doing the video call a user can even capture their screen as a screenshot and on 2019 the picture comes in a different cool format as well such as if we capture our video call, the picture of two users will come in two picture together fitting the full screen.No t in different sizes. A user can use various filters to make video call fun.

4. Recorded Audio

Facebook messenger has this awesome feature which helps us to send our audio records to our Facebook friends. A user has to press continuously ‘Microphone sign‘ button to record.We can record everything, voice, songs, surroundings etc with its help.

5. Share Photos and Videos

By sharing photos and videos with our Facebook contacts, Facebook messenger helps us to improve our experience of using it. A user can share pictures and videos from the phone gallery and can capture them at the time as well, with the help of a messenger camera and video recorder.User can also save the pictures and videos sent by the another user.

6. Share Stickers and Gifs

Facebook messenger developed this feature to make the app interesting and fun full by using stickers and gifs. we can use this feature by clicking on ‘Smile Sign‘ on the toolbar. In that section, we can see that there are many more sections describing the mood such as ‘Happy‘, ‘Sad‘, ‘In-love‘, ‘Celebrating‘ and many more by searching the ‘Search stickers‘ box.

7. Organize plans

Organizing plans with the reminder is amazing. We are in the time, where people are so busy in their schedules so that they can not make time for their friends and family so in this case, the messenger will help to connect them with calls and video at free cost. yes, it may contain the data plan or Wi-fi but it helps a lot. The user can plan to meet and celebrate any day as their scheduled time and it will remind the user as notification on their phone.

Making plans and get reminder of that date as well.

8. Play games online

Facebook also allows its users to play games online within the messenger. There are many games such as Ludo, File fighter, puzzle, Bubbles and many more. It contains few steps to reach there. Steps to play games follows

1. Open Facebook messenger 2. Find the ‘Discover sign‘ on IOS and ‘Game sign‘ on Andriod Version. 3. Choose the game you want to play 4. Invite your friends to have and competitively fun full games

Online games of Facebook Messenger

9. Day Stories

Day stories are the features available on many more social sites nowadays. Facebook messenger is one of them. Day story is the feature where we can upload the pictures for 24 hours. Story section can be found on top of the messenger’s front page. Day Stories can be uploaded from the (+) button then we can upload pictures and videos from our gallery and can even capture instantly at the same time. we even can see how many of our friends saw them and users even can react to stories. Day story can be in text, picture and videos. We can control who can and can not see our stories and allowing to save or not etc. After uploading the story we can manage all these from the button form the right corner of the story.

Day Stories

10. Add Contacts From Phone

Facebook Messenger allows its Users to add their phone contacts with the messenger contacts. A user can add them with the verification of user’s phone number But we can not send the messages to phone contacts on free charge because it will go as an SMS and it will take some significant charges. With this feature, we don’t have to open message box for sending massege to anyone from phone conatct ,we can send them from our massenger friend list.

11. Direct Contact with Business / Personal Pages

Facebook messenger has this feature which allows us to contact with famous business and personal pages without searching them on the Facebook page. We can use this feature by going on ‘Discover Sign‘ on the toolbar and there we can see two options ‘For you‘ and ‘Businesses‘. In ‘For you‘ section, we can find the games and in the business, we can find the famous pages of celebrities, Music Bands, Politicians, Fashion Brands, where we can ask questions as we want.

12. Managing Facebook Friends

While connecting with our Facebook contacts a user can do many things with their friend without letting them know. By the various features of the messenger. For setting, user has to click on their username on messenger and many options show up like notification, we can turn it on and off, ‘Search in conversation’ helps us to search any specific words in the old conversation,having a secret conversation with the specific user, Creating group with selection for group chats ,Ignoring the selected user by clicking on Ignore sign,Block messages but users still can see each other’s profile and shared photos.

13. Account & Support

We can manage many setting by on account & support. To go there we have to click on own picture available on top of the messenger box.by clicking on it we can have many options to manage our account. From there we can do following things.

  • Switching different accounts
  • Create new account
  • Reporting problems
  • Deactivate account
  • To read legal &policies
  • Help.

Conclusion: Facebook messenger is for the benefit of the user, user scan still chats with the same Facebook app but with the single app, Messenger, has the more benefits so that the users can take it utility for benefit . Messenger has everything that a users need while using the app.