Whatsapp New and Upcoming Features

We are in a period where chatting apps and social media happened to be the necessities of our everyday life. Regardless, whether people agree or not individuals rely upon chatting applications. To the degree that they can’t live without it. They use them in all parts of life, connect with their companions and family members. So they can examine matters of business, and to disclose an exercise to a colleague. Besides messaging, the group chats that individuals make with their companions or partners. This helps them to share their thoughts, data, point of views and sentiments with one another. The pattern of texting apps leads to the discovery of many other apps. Then it transformed into a business. In which many partners challenge each other to make an application that can draw in most of the clients. They even offer their clients with many features so that more clients use their app.

One of these talking applications is WhatsApp. It was set up in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum with trademark Personal and Continuous Messaging. This application provided a lot of features like the capacity to make group chats. And also send boundless pictures, videos, and sound messages. Being brimming with features it is simple to use and pioneer in its class. It helped individuals save their money by using it instead of regular SMS messages. So clients don’t need to pay extra charges for sending messages. It also helped make communication over the barriers a lot simpler and less expensive. These features, and others, made WhatsApp the main talking application for as far back as 5 years.

WhatsApp, An Everchanging Platform

The feature in WhatsApp is they use a customized version of extensible messaging. The software in Whatsapp compares all the numbers from the device of the users with its database. This will help to add the user’s contact to the Whatsapp contact list. The image that we send via WhatsApp while uploading the image, video, and audio. Then it is first sent to the HTTP server and then sends a link to the content coded with the Base64 thumbnail. When the app was first launched, the messages that we send were sent in unencrypted plain text format. This leads to the session hijacking.

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WhatsApp keeps on evolving and to increase its users and to be competitive with other apps. They keep on adding new features into the apps which makes users hyped up about this app. WhatsApp has gotten some new features over the recent few months for both Android and iPhone gadgets. They make it more natural. Here are some new updates for WhatsApp you have to think about:

1.WhatsApp Reminders: Did you realize you can use WhatsApp to give you reminders?

You do now! Any.do- is a reminder app that is partnering with WhatsApp. This will help users to create and receive reminders in their apps. When you connect your Any.do account to your WhatsApp. The messages can be informed inside the application. Sending writings like “remind me to get my food on my way home” will provoke an update affirming the reminder.

Sadly this feature isn’t free. You’ll have to pay in dollars that expenses $5.99 every month. Any.do charges in dollars regardless of what your district. Clarifying the usefulness, Any.do stated: “Presenting Any.do’s WhatsApp Updates joining. A quick and simple approach to create tasks and reminders from your conversations.

Make tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp in any gadgets. Make a task by sending an immediate message to Any.do from any of your contacts. Be reminded when tasks are expected, straight through WhatsApp. It’s simple, basic and powerful.

WhatsApp Reminders
WhatsApp Reminders and Any.do app partnering with each other to set up reminders in WhatsApp.

2. WhatsApp Call Waiting:

If you use WhatsApp to make a huge amount of telephone calls. You’ve been in the circumstance where you’re on the telephone with somebody. Then at the same time, other people attempt to call you. Before WhatsApp wouldn’t alarm you if that another person was calling you. Rather you’d need to hold up until you got off the telephone to see you’d missed a call.

That is altogether changed. In the new WhatsApp update for Android and iPhone call holding up has been included. That implies in case you’re on the telephone and another person calls you. A notification will show up at the top of your gadget. This helps you to decline your second caller. Or you can pick up the second caller calls and decline the first caller call.

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3. Invitation in Group Chats:

At long last. WhatsApp for Android and iPhone as of late allowed clients to pick who can and can’t toss them into group talks. It has happened to all of us. You’re flung to group talks where you can’t contribute anything. Also, you don’t wanna leave that group chat because it will make things awkward. So you remain and need to manage unlimited notifications inside the application itself.
But now, go in the application’s setting menu. You’ll discover the alternative to pick who can add you to group chats.

You’ll be given three alternatives:

  • Everyone
  • Your Contacts
  • Except for Your Contacts
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If you pick “my contacts” alternative will let anybody toss you into group chats. And if you pick ” Except your contacts” it will let you get in touch with people whom you don’t want to make contact with.
Anybody that is not ready to add you to a group chat can send you a welcome to a group chat. This can be accepted or rejected without feeling awkward.

4. Whatsapp Fingerprint Feature:

The fingerprint confirmation on WhatsApp for Android and IOS is extra security. When you enable this feature nobody can access your chats and messages. Until you verify with your fingerprint nobody can access your chats. This includes an extra security layer against devices. If devices like Pegasus take advantage of your talk by accessing to your screen. Your fingerprint sensor will help form these kinds of threats.

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5. Whatsapp Picture in Picture Mode:

This mode enables clients to see Netflix trailers or play full YouTube from inside the app itself. This picture in picture mode helps users use other apps while they are in call with their contacts. When users are in the call they can use other apps. They can preview other apps without switching the WhatsApp. This increases the versatility of WhatsApp as it keeps users for using WhatsApp for a long time.

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