Xender: The Fastest File Sharing App For Android and IOS

A file-sharing app which goes by the name Xender has gained popularity in 2018. For simple understanding, it is a cross-platform file-sharing and transfer protocol which works even without internet connectivity. This file-sharing app enables users to share any sort of apps, photos, videos, contacts, files and music at any instant time. It supports file transfer to Android, iOS, Windows phone, PC and Mac specifically to a specific user. As of now, it is accessible in 22 languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Greek, and Japanese.

This app was originated from China in 2012 with the name Shan Chuan formerly, but outside of China, it was known by the name Flash Transfer. Then in 2013, it supported more features and the name was changed to Xender. In the world of sharing files, Xender deals with similar apps like Shareit, Super beam, Zapya and many more.

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File transfer from one device to another is what we do on a daily basis. Xender is one of the best Shareit alternatives you can try and there is no ad in the app. Xender is a free app which relies on Wi-Fi for transferring files from one device to another. Since Xender is almost 200 times faster than what Bluetooth service has to offer us, you can share large files easily and in no time. It’s really fast.

What does Xender have to offer?

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There is no doubt about Xender being the best app for file transfer and backup. Designated as the fastest app for file transfer, Xender is much more than what it offers. It boasts some features that make it handy for other tasks than file-sharing. If you share files a lot with your contacts, then Xender can work wonders for you and you will find out soon why Xender is much more than a simple file sharing app for Android, iOS, and PCs.

Based on its primary purpose, Xender is the best you will find on the internet. In addition to this, the developers of this app are always bringing new features and update to make this app smooth and straight-forward.

How does Xender work?

With Xender, the users can share photos, music and transfer files, and even apps easily through a hotspot created by a device. No other connection is required. Xender doesn’t have limitations on file size meaning users can share large as well as small files easily. Of course, users have to install the app first on their devices, but apart from that, the app is totally free to use and ad-free.

But, how actually does Xender actually work? It’s very simple when users connect with their friends, the app creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be joined by others rather than using mobile data. This creates a direct link between the two devices; one is the server and the other is the client, without using internet connection. Hence, no data will be incurred.

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Apart from the zero data usage and speed features, Xender also offers other cool features like easy backup and transfer of files from an old device to a new one. The user interface of this app is natural, fun and young. Its users can set their profile picture or give their device a personal name so that their friends can easily recognize them. The experience of sharing files is, after all, a social experience.

Xender Web:

Along with the powerful mobile file sharing features of Xender, it also offers a cool and very helpful PC connection function in which file transfer can be done with ease via PCs. It doesn’t require users to download any software on their PCs. Just by using the web browser, the users can connect their mobiles to a PC, share and transfer files both ways, and manage their mobiles from the PC. This might work for Mac as well.

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Xender User Interface:

The user interface of the Xender app is quite simple and straight-forward. When you launch the Xender app in your device, the main page will show you tabs namely History, Apps, Photos, Music, Video, Files and New. The ‘New’ tab shows you the recent files on your devices.

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You can use the other tabs named Apps, Photos, Music, Video, and Files for selecting files to transfer and tab on the send button after that. Then, the Xender app will show you the QR code that you need to scan from another device to start sending or receiving files. Remember, both the devices should be near each other.

CONCLUSION: Xender is neither a new app nor is it an ordinary app. It has been around for a long time now. After Shareit ruined itself with viral video notifications, Xender is the best option for you to give a try. It is really fast and lets you transfer files from one device to another in no time. Another feature that attracts users is that it lets you transfer files and data from mobiles to on the desktop quickly without uploading any cloud storage. I suggest you give it a try and experience the world of sharing files.