Xender vs Shareit: The Right Application For You To Transfer Files!

Transferring files across smartphones and mobile devices is a common thing now. If you have a smartphone, then you probably have one of those file-transferring apps installed in your devices. And if you are one of those who just got a smartphone and you are still unaware of which file transferring application to install, then you came to the right place.

Among all other file sharing apps, the most popular apps are Shareit and Xender. Both the apps have over 100 million downloads and claim to be 500 times faster than the conventional Bluetooth connection not to mention the fact that both of them have their share of regular updates. So, it seems fair that we put both the apps against each other and see which is the better one. In this article, we will compare both the file sharing apps and help you to better understand which will better suit you.

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While installing any file sharing application, we keep in mind some features i.e. fastest file-sharing speed, easy use, and multiple file support. At this point in time, Shareit and Xender both are market leaders in the file-sharing world and used by the majority of Android users around the world. But when it’s time to compare these two apps, perhaps it’s a bit difficult decision to make. Maybe if we highlight the features of both the apps, we can decide which app has more features than the other.

Features in Both Xender and Shareit Apps

If we dig a little deeper, Xender and Shareit are more than just file-transferring applications. While Shareit even works as an app manager and video player, Xender also lets you listen to songs, all thanks to its integration of Hungama Music. There is no doubt that all Android users prefer using Shareit and Xender apps when it comes to file-sharing. Both the apps are easier, faster, and safest method of file transferring today. Both these apps have some common features mentioned below.

1.File Transferring Speed:

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Both Xender and Shareit are known for their high transfer speeds. As a matter of fact, Shareit claims that its maximum speed can go as high as 20 MB/s. On the contrary, Xender claims to have its maximum speed around 40 MB/s.

However, let’s not forget that the transfer speed also depends on the Wi-Fi interference, the read-write speed of the device, and the distance between the two devices.

2. Types of Files They Support:

Both the Xender and Shareit apps share a majority of same file types like Photos, Videos, Apps, Music apps, and documents like PDF files or zip files.

Xender goes a step higher when it comes to file support. Apart from the files mentioned above, it supports a number of other file formats like .apk, .epub, .txt, .ebk, and the standard doc formats like .doc, .ppt.

3. User Interface and Ease of Use:

If we talk about the ease of use, both the apps have a user-friendly interface with perfect categories of apps, photos, and music. When it comes to the user interface, I think Xender has a much beautiful categorization of apps, photos, videos, music, and files.

One drawback of Shareit is that it contains various ads on its homepage that the users sometimes don’t want to face while sharing files with their friends.

4. File sharing on Multiple Devices:

Both the file sharing apps support file sharing on multiple devices. This feature not only saves your time but also gives you access to multiple devices at the same time.

Xender uses the conventional way of Web Share, where you can share files by connecting devices to a portable Wi-Fi network. You can also scan the given QR code. Whereas Shareit uses the feature named Group Share, where you will just have to tap on ‘Create a Group’ and wait for your friends to join in. The rest will be taken care of by the app itself.

5. Restrictions on Network:

There are no network restrictions from both the apps when you are sharing files with your friends; basically, both the apps don’t use external connections to transfer files. Just simply connect your Android devices to a dedicated Wi-Fi network and start sharing unlimited files and images instantly.

Some Uncommon Features of Shareit and Xender

These file sharing apps also share some uncommon features that make one different from the other. Mentioned below are some of such uncommon features of Shareit and Xender.

1.Folder Transfer:

This is one of the handy feature of Shareit. So, if you have your files piled up in one folder, you can easily transfer the whole folder without missing a single file in one go using this feature of Shareit. Just select the folder you wish to share and hit ‘Send.’

This feature is absent in Xender. Though Xender app displays system folders available on your device, it doesn’t let you choose any one of them. You will have to send them using the old-school method.

2. Peek into your friend’s phone:

The feature that makes Xender interesting is that both the sender and the receiver can see the files, apps, videos available on the other phone. But, this is a little unsafe and creepy if you ask me. The other party gets access to all your files and data.

If you want to get some of the files or apps that are available on your friend’s phone, you can tap on the ‘Get’ button beside the desired app.

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3. Hide Files:

One useful feature of Xender is that it lets you hide files you don’t wish to show. All you have to do is select the files, tap on the hamburger menu and click on ‘Hide.’

You just need to make sure that the ‘Hide File’ feature is set up before you start hiding files. The app won’t ask for any complex password, just a 4-digit PIN to unhide them.

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4. Dedicated App for PC:

Every Shareit user can download the app on PC which works well. In this way, you can get the connectivity to share infinite files and apps on your mobile and in your PC too.

Xender falls short here. It doesn’t have an app which works on PCs well, so you will have to compromise with the Android app or you can use Xender Web.

5. Multiple File Type Sharing in one go:

Shareit allows you to send over a variety of different files at one go. Just select the files from different categories and click ‘Send.’

Xender here doesn’t have this feature. It allows you to send files of particular type only. So, if you have to send apps and photos at the moment, you will have to do it in two sessions.

CONCLUSION: Here comes the main question. Which one is better? Well, it depends on what kind of features you prefer. If you just want an easy way to transfer files and folders without bothering how the app looks like, Shareit can be the best suit for you.

When it comes to Xender, features like peeking files, easy use, and support for multiple file formats wins this case. Since, both the apps are free, it depends on your preference of features at the end of the day.